Friday, March 26, 2010

Food Loves + Ellie Returns

Do you ever…

  • Sit down at the computer to write a post only to get completely side-tracked looking at other blogs, facebook,..etc?? I am so guilty of this A LOT! Like right now…I should of done this an HOUR ago, and would love to be in bed now.
  • Have pictures of yummy food, and just want to post them but don’t have much to say? Yeah, me too and here are a few from the past week!


My weekend pictures are always my favorite…so much more sunlight and I have time to make things like Breakfast Sandwiches!! LOVE!

  • WW Sandwich Thin
  • 1 egg
  • 1 slice cheddar
  • 1 slice ham
  • Fresh Strawberries

Veggies + Sunlight: about to get grilled! Major LOVE!



Ok, I confess the grilling was brought about by Brian wanting a grilled hotdog last weekend. So I threw together all the veggies we had and asked him to grilll those too :)

and yes, I had a grilled hot dog too. Doesn’t happen often (and I don’t like to think about exactly what I’m eating), but there’s nothing like a grilled hotdog when the weather gets warm!

Ellie Time

I think I should start getting a cut from Food Network or something. I LOVE her recipes and frequently head to her cookbook or recipes online for dinner ideas.

This recipe is one I made before and LOVED.

Baked Shrimp with Tomatoes and Feta

I love frozen shrimp. I love shrimp scampi. We eat it a lot.

This recipe is almost like a baked shrimp scampi…with tomatoes and feta. I find the shrimp come out much more tender this way! This recipe is AMAZING (with my couple of additions of course)


The fresh dill and parsley are KEY to the fresh flavors of this dish.



After sautéing the garlic + onions, you add the canned tomatoes and simmer. When I add the tomatoes I also add some white wine (maybe 3-4T?) and juice from half of a lemon.

After that simmers, you take it off the heat and THEN add the shrimp and fresh herbs. This prevents the shrimp and herbs from being overcooked.


Top with Feta and bake!


We ate this over a bed of baby spinach and TJ’s Harvest Grains.


I cook the grains in chicken broth for extra flavor…I think this is another key element to the deliciousness of this dinner!


Love this dish!


More loves? How about I obviously finished my dinner first (a combination of a smaller portion and eating much faster…I gotta work on that!), so I decided to snap photos…

stop playing with your food!


Goodnight! Early Body Combat tomorrow morning :) LOVE Combat!



  1. Hahaha you and your hubby are so cute! And that shrimp looks intensely awesome. I love dill, what a good idea to put it in scampi!

  2. The grilled veggies look awesome! I'm so glad its getting to be summer and that grilling will be a regular activity!! Another yummy Ellie recipe. That woman rocks! I wish her show was on more often. Enjoy your weekend & the combat

  3. I absolutely adore Ellie's recipes--especially her more summery ones that showcase tons of veggies and fruits. I made her turkey sweet potato hash (topped with an egg) for my mom a few weeks ago and we both agree it's one of the most delicious, satisfying dinners!

  4. haha, your comment about hotdogs made me laugh. Those veggies look mouth watering good!! Have a great weekend!

  5. Haha, cute pictures! I always finish earlier too- either I'm more greedy or eat less, hard to tell!

    I love the beautiful grilled veggies. Isn't Spring wonderful?

  6. welcome to CEiMB! I love the Baked Shrimp and Feta Recipe too!

  7. Grilled veggies are the best, they are always much more tasty when grilled.

  8. Grilled vegetables in warm weather is the best. So glad you got to enjoy another nice weekend :D Have a great week.

  9. Really like the shrimp dish!

    I too like a hot dog every now and then, but don't like to think about whats in them at all. A couple times a summer I sneak them in.

  10. You are too cute. I can't wait to have a grill (I think we may be buying one this weekend). LOVE grilled veggies. :) Oh and I can't remember if I've ever made this Ellie recipe but if I haven't, I must add it to the list asap. She's awesome.

  11. Welcome to CEiMB. I've been looking over your blog:) I will have to make more time to check out more of it.