Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring Forward and Run!

It was another crazy week at work and with things after work.  This means no real blog-worthy meals, so once again we’re just fastforwarding to this weekend :)

I did make it to dance class Tuesday night though, so I was excited for that!

Tonight is Daylight Savings…don’t forget to  Spring Ahead!!

This is especially important for me because I have a 5k tomorrow morning.  I’m excited for it, but also bummed that it’s going to be raining and cold :(  The race is centered around celebrating St. Patrick’s Day and Irish Pubs in the area, so it should at least be entertaining. 

Trying to find weather-suitable clothing is going to trump any chance I had at being festive, but I did just pick up this $2 huge green bowtie I plan to wear somewhere…I’m thinking as a huge hair bow?


Any advice for a cold rainy run??  How bad would the weather have to be for you to back out of a race?  I think for me temperature is a bigger issue.  If it was going to be, say less than 20 degrees out tomorrow…I think that would deter me more than rain. 

I did read this website about tips for running in the rain.  I’ll take the idea for a hat.  I never wear hats, but I can see how it would be good tomorrow.

Once again, my schedule left me with no workouts Wed-Fri.  I’ll admit I could of fit in a workout after work yesterday, but I was so mentally drained from the week I knew I just needed to rest.  Plus I was planning an early morning Hot Yoga class today!

With the temps rising a little around here, the instructor said it was harder to control the heat/humidity in the room.  Boy was she right…this morning was especially HOT and HUMID!  But it felt so good…like I just sweat the stress of the week right out. 

Once again, I had a post yoga Whole Foods excursion.  One thing I was craving was a fresh fruit cup.IMG_8598


Once home I made a delicious egg+ham+cheese+whole wheat sandwich thin breakfast sandwich!  With fruit and water.




I needed to replenish.


Once I ate, showered, and dressed, I made myself a cappuccino with cinnamon.



Then it was busy time at home.

Lunch was a mish-mash of snacks.


Snack plate:  Triscuits+1 whole carrot+hummus+3 olives+dill havarti cheese.


Then a Fage with Peach (another item from the WF’s trip this morning).



I forgot how much I love these little peach Fage’s! 

This afternoon we went into Harvard Square so I could look for a new water-resistant jacket for the race, but no luck…the only one I saw was $75…I’ll pass.

Then we had dinner at Grafton Street in Harvard Sq.

I had 2 appetizers as my meal.  The first was:

Warm Goat Cheese Salad - herb roasted olives, charred bell peppers, caramelized onions, sherry vinaigrette


I’m drawn to anything on a menu with the words “warm” and “goat cheese” involved.  So good.  The cheese was tangy and light. 

My main course/appetizer was:

Sweet Potato Gnocchi - slow cooked lamb ragu, pecorino


Incredibly flavorful!!  Perfect amount too.  The sweet potato flavor was not very prominent, but you got a little taste of it towards the end of each bite.  The sauce was delicious, and the pecorino cheese was sharp and salty :)  This was delicious!

Our super exciting Saturday ended with…Grocery Shopping!  Wow, we’re lame :) 

I did dig into this when I got home.

This stuff is like cinnamon crunch crack! 


My little ramekin of cereal and milk was my dessert…I even wanted this more than the Samoa ice cream we just bought!

I’m about to make some homemade pizza dough to have for dinner tomorrow night!  Then its bed time :)               


  1. I ran my very first 5k in the rain! No experience what so ever. I had on running tights and a long sleeve running shirt. As soon as the race started, it started to rain and just rained the whole way through! I would of worn a hat and a waterproof type jacket if I had prior experience! I was absolutely freezing by the time the race finished for me. I couldn't move my fingers and when I went to change my shift my entire body was covered in red splotches, like I had freezer burn or something! I didn't give up because I knew it was for charity and I didn't want the Make a Wish kids to feel disappointed! I had to do it regardless! Since this is for St. Patty do what you can do and just have fun with it! Think of the green beer you can enjoy after the run ;) It definitely a crazy holiday, so just have fun with it!

  2. Hey girlie! How are you? I hope you're doing well. Sounds like are one busy chica! I love hot yoga- I haven't been in forever. I'm a the hotter the better kinda girl. I love walking out and feeling like I just took a shower :). Lots of delicious eats. Especially that Warm Goat Cheese Salad. Good luck at the 5K tomorrow....hope it doesnt rain too bad

  3. Hope your race went well! I had an equally exciting day on Saturday!

  4. I love whole foods, they salad bar is my weakness. I love all the different choices.