Friday, October 2, 2009

Fall Time for Newlyweds + first 5k!

I’ve been so worried about getting Honeymoon recaps together that other things going on in the life of the BAM’s has taken a backseat.  (Ha! Not that I’ve gotten the recaps done or anything :)

It’s my favorite time of year!!

I’ll start with my FAVORITE fall time activity…Apple Picking!!  We make sure to go at LEAST once a year :)        

There were many times during the honeymoon I would bring up that we HAD to go apple picking as soon as we got back!  I love September, and that is why I wanted to have my wedding then, but I was almost slightly disappointed that we’d be away for 2 weeks on our honeymoon during this month!!  I guess Greece and Italy would have to do though ;)

We finally went last Saturday and it was such perfect weather.IMG_6811

This year we tried a new place (new to us anyways): Shelburne Farm in Stow, MA


pumpkin patch:



It was packed, but I figured it would be so I was mentally prepared haha.  It was also the perfect day because it was the first weekend that Macoun apples were available!  They are one of my favorites to pick!

We had a fabulous time :)



Obviously the best part was after picking when we bought some treats :)

Hello beautiful:


Caramel + Apple = heaven!

And no trip would be complete without cider donuts…WARM cider donuts with cinnamon sugar dusting!


Another exciting event that happened earlier that morning was that I finally ran my first 5K!!

If you’ve read this blog you may know that I really wanted to be more of a runner, but it definitely hasn’t come as easy to me as it seems to for others.  My first actual race was a last minute decision to join my (then) fiancé and his friends in a 5 miler on 4th of July.  This was CLEARLY not my shining moment during my running journey!  

Since then all I’ve wanted to do was run a nice simple (i.e. flat) 5K.

I ran this with my old roomie :)


We did the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure in Boston’s seaport!

I was NOT going for any time; I just wanted to run the whole thing without stopping, and I DID!!  It felt great, and I didn’t even feel too dead after :)  My official time was 30:50 (a 9:56 pace).  In writing this looks so slow…well compared to other peoples times I hear about, but I could care less because it was good for me!

We’ve already signed up for another race…this time it’s a fun 5K the week before Halloween and we are wearing costumes!! 

Race Swag!


Super cute Pug we encountered on our way to breakfast!


Post race Iced Coffee:


Pre-Race Dinner:  Homemade pesto (leftover in the freezer) with whole wheat spaghetti, veggies, and a little rotisserie chicken:



It’s been really fun living together as Newlyweds!  Brian and I really didn’t live together until a few weeks before the wedding.  We weren’t purposely not living together but it just worked out that way, so it’s definitely a new a fun time right now :)

Our first weekend back from the HM, we made a big pot of turkey chili:


ooooo!  And I FINALLY used my gorgeous cutting board I got last year!!  I was waiting until I had good knives and now I do :)

isn’t it pretty :)



Served with cheese, a little sour cream, scallions and cilantro:


Corn muffin of course:


I was also pumped to make a batch of Kale chips…it’s been far too long!


washed, tore into pieces, coat with a little olive oil (I use my hands to rub it all around), salt and pepper.


375 for 12-15 min :)   Dip in ketchup and enjoy!


It’s another crisp fall day today!  Happy Fall :)


  1. LOVE apple picking! Apples don't really grow in SC, so I've been missing that New England tradition. Yummy caramel apple. Congrats on the 5k! Way to kick some booty. Great pre-race dinner. I'm running a race tomorrow and we're going out to dinner tonight so I am scouting the menu to determine what I will have!

  2. So jealous of the apple picking!! I want to visit up north one year just to go apple picking!

    And p.s. 30:50 rocks! It's much faster then my first 5ks! Keep up the great work :)

  3. I love apple picking! My husband and I went last weekend. Can you believe the orchard we went to didn't have cider donughts? I was shocked but even more shocked when my husband said he'd never heard of them! I need to find them for him soon!

    Congrats on the 5K. Running the entire thing is a huge accomplishment!

  4. aww, your apple picking looks like so much fun! and those cider doughnuts look delicious!!

    congrats on your very first 5k!!! that's so exciting! fall is the best season for running :)

  5. Congratulations on the 5k! Awesome news :).

    Apple picking is on the agenda for this weekend if the weather forecast improves... I can't wait!

  6. Apple picking makes me so jealous! Congrats on your 5K and on enjoying your time as newlyweds!

  7. Soo jealous of the apple picking!! I've wanted to do that for months already! Congrats on finishing the 5K that's awesome :) All the foodage (especially the caramel apples) look yummy!

  8. Apple picking is one of my favorite fall activities.
    Your caramel apple looks great. I've never had cider donuts but they always look good.

  9. I have been trying so hard to get someone to go apple picking with me! wish I had an awesome new hubby (!!) to go with!

    awesome race, by the way -- you are just awesome girl!

  10. I have never been apple picking but will have to try it soon. The chili looks great!

  11. I love this post! Its filled with fall pleasures. I'm so happy you are enjoying "married life" and I LOVE your very chic cutting board. The wood looks impeccable!

    Chili + cornbread muffin= jealous.

    Happy Fall Bridget :D

  12. I think thats a great time for a 5k, congrats :)

  13. Apple picking looks like so much fun. I think I'm finally going t try Kale chips and buy some Kale later next week.

  14. yay! Apple picking = so fun :) Glad you and the man enjoyed it! It also must be lovely living together as newlyweds <3 Enjoy the time :)

    p.s congratz on running the 5k...that is seriously awesome!

  15. This is awesome! Florida needs to chill out so we can grow things like apples and do fun fall things like go apple picking! (Which by the way is an adorable day date for you and your new hubby!) Love it! :)

  16. Oh I've always wanted to go apple picking! Down here in Texas there is not much to pick, I believe.
    But I wouldn't know... I'm not really from around here hehe.

    Those doughnuts make my stomach growl.
    Congrats on the 5k!!

  17. Congrats on the 5k- they gave you some pretty nice swag!

    I'm going to have to try those kale chips you wrote about. I've been hearing so many great things about kale lately :).