Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Me + Ellie + more wedding

Ellie Krieger and I are bonding this week. On Saturday before I went grocery shopping I actually sat down with her cookbook, The Food You Crave, and picked out a few things to make this week!

The first I mentioned in my last post: Greek Style Stuffed Peppers.

These didn’t take too long to assemble, but they do bake for an hour or so, so plan accordingly.


Washed my veggies, and gave Brian the task of grating the zucchini.


I picked up some lean ground beef at TJ’s.


All the filling mixed together. Along with the beef there are lots of veggies….zucchini, spinach, onion! Not to mention the pepper vessel it’s served in.


Each pepper half received a LOT of filling…they were packed.


Topped with canned stewed tomatoes, chopped, and crumbled feta cheese. The only thing I may add would be a little extra seasoning to the tomatoes…maybe more salt, pepper, and whatever herbs you like.


So 30 min covered with foil + 40 min uncovered, it was dinner time!


These bad boys calc in at: 200 cals, 6g Fat, 21g protein, 6g fiber!! AWESOME! I was worried at only 200 calories they wouldn’t be filling but boy was I wrong…1 serving is PLENTY!


Enjoyed with pomegranate seltzer


Plus Brian and I have enjoyed leftovers for lunch today and yesterday…loooove leftovers.

Tonight was Ellie round 2! Buffalo Chicken Salad


The first thing I did was prep the chicken so it would sit in the hot sauce for a little while before cooking. Then I prepped the veggies for the salad and made the dressing.




The chicken cooks quick, 5 min! So once everything is prepped this becomes a very fast meal. When the chicken came out of the oven I added more Hot Sauce…more flavor!

I used mixed greens instead of Romaine, and added a little cucumber as well. To save time you don’t really need to shred the carrots but I love shredded carrots :)


Tossed the veggies + dressing, with chicken on top!


Mmmmm definitely satisfies a buffalo chicken craving!! The dressing could use a little more tang though…maybe more vinegar? Or even more blue cheese. I bet the leftover dressing will be better tomorrow after sitting for a day. I have my salad for tomorrow all packed up and ready to go too!

Brian enjoyed his salad with a grilled cheese…I wish I was a boy sometimes! (not that I didn’t steal a bite or 2)

Thanks Ellie :)

Oh and I’ve officially jumped on the 3-minute cookie bandwagon! I like the classic recipe but with choc. chips instead of raisins. Totally fulfils my “hot chocolate chip cookie” craving!! Plus reminds me of a pancake so it’s a win-win :)


Ok so I’ll start adding more wedding pics to my posts…cause why not?

We’ll call this…The Get Ready

150838_0001 151436_0001 152155_0001 152715_0001 153019_0001 153059_0001 153318_0001 153440_0002 153836_0002

Aww Willow :)

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  1. As I said before, Ellie rocks! I have yet to meet a recipe of hers I didn't like!! The peppers look awesome. Your wedding pictures are so fabulous- you look super happy <3

  2. You are wonderful! Love the looks of those new recipes, but not as much as you on your wedding day!

    Thanks for sharing! xo

  3. I always love more wedding photos. Keep them coming. You are so gorgeous.

    Getting busy in the go girl !

  4. Ellie is one of my favorite on food network - I don't know why they don't play her show more often! I've had enough Rachel Ray and Emeril.

  5. Your wedding dress is beautiful! And those stuffed peppers look great...I'll have to try them!

  6. definitely some great eats :) love the wedding photos, too!

  7. Great eats! Of course they can't compete with your gorgeous photos- wow! I loved your dress!

  8. Ellie won't let you down! Awesome wedding dress!!!

  9. The wedding photos are so lovely, you looked stunning your dress, Im not sure I would be able to walk in a dress like that!
    Tasty eats, I always enjoy stuffed peppers, but they seem so difficult to make!

  10. I haven't had stuffed red peppers in a long time, yours look delicious. I'm going to have to make some soon.