Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Shopping Success

First I’d like to introduce you to the newest member of the family…and no it’s not a dog (yet)…


This past weekend was mission: “Mama needs a brand new bag!” I would like to thank the gorgeously stocked handbag department at Nordstrom, and my wonderful husband for keeping himself occupied in the Men’s section while I “wandered” around for a bit. This lovely is by B. Makowsky, and BONUS: it was on sale :)


I was really hoping for the double whammy: new purse AND sunglasses weekend…but I forgot how much I loathe sunglass shopping. I love sunglasses, but I go, try on 20-30 pairs, and call it a day. Oh well, still a successful shopping weekend.


Other than that, it was a pretty low key weekend, which is a RARE occurrence for us so it was very enjoyable.

Saturday we slept in (for me that means around 9am), and I made us some French toast! The bread was Pepperidge Farm Soft Honey Oat bread. We needed a break from the Arnold Double Protein, and this was a superb choice. It’s super soft, and a touch of sweetness :)


I used 2 eggs, skim milk, vanilla, and cinnamon for the French toast.  With banana slices and cantaloupe.  So fast and easy. 

topping options


I just stuck with my maple syrup…pure and delicious. 

Iced Cap. with lots-o-foam


After digesting, Brian and I headed out for a run to enjoy the unseasonably warm weather! We did a 4.7ish route down to a nearby pond, around the pond, and back. We stopped a few times to walk, more than I’d like lately, but his pace is faster than mine so even though I try to keep a slower pace I always end up running faster with him! I guess this is good, but does make me lose steam faster. Either way it was a gorgeous day and I did better than him anyways ;)

The various errands + Bridget’s shopping mission commenced after running (and showering…etc, of course).

Even though I had snacks after the run: nineteenth hole trail mix

and a Strawberry Oikos with Kashi Autumn Wheat

we made a trip to the S-Bucks!


His and hers Vivano Smoothies :) The strawberry and chocolate smoothies looked very pretty together…I heart Pink + Brown (they were my wedding colors after all).

Later that night we hit up Border Café to fulfill our Mexican Food craving!


Chips + salsa


Chicken + Veggie Fajitas…they have the BEST fajitas, and I always have lots of leftovers.


Sunday was pretty uneventful again, aside from a trip to visit the grandparents…and actually purchasing my purse (yeah I slept on it).

However I had a super relaxing breakfast, waking up 1+ hour earlier than the husband.

Iced cappuccino + banana oats



Other eats that day included a ripe red grapefruit, segmented.


TJ’s Reduced Guilt Brownies and some new icy treats!!


best low-fat brownies ever!


For the first time EVER, our grocery store had Coconut Milk ice cream on sale! (now by sale I mean $4.50/pint as opposed to the usual $6). They only had 3 flavors…vanilla, chocolate, and coconut so I went with the vanilla to enjoy with the impending brownies that night.


However at the end of the grocery trip I happened to notice this guy…


Unlike me to every buy 2 ice creams…but I have a mild (ok not so mild) obsession with Almonds and almond flavored…anything! This sounded like heaven.

And it was…I obviously took a little spoonful out of the container as soon as we got home. Smooth creamy base with swirls of marzipan and pockets of almond cookie!!

However I had my brownie with a smear of PB and vanilla coconut milk ice cream…SO GOOD!
I was a little skeptical because the time I tried coconut milk yogurt I was grossed out, but that was more of a texture issue. Anywho, the Coconut Milk ice cream is delicious…initial taste of vanilla bean followed by a subtle coconut flavor.

Work is really interfering with my workouts this week:

Sat: 4.7ish mile run

Sunday: did some strength training at home

Monday: Body Combat – kicked my butt per usual

Tues-Wed-Thurs – nothing, various classes/work things after work…
Possibly a morning workout Thursday, we’ll see…I’m a newbie when it comes to working out before work.

Friday: Gym – probably a treadmill run

Anyone else just itching to buy all the adorable spring/summer clothes that are coming out NOW?  It’s such a tease…  well I did buy a dress at Target that I clearly can’t wear for another 2-3 months.


  1. NICE shopping! The purse is super cute. I need some new sunglasses- we're going away next week to sunshine! ah! I haven't been out to Mexican in forever...I'm going to try to convince the husband to do so soon. Yummy brownies and the french toast looks out of this world! I am so odd- I used to love shopping but I hardly go now. I need clothes bad. Enjoy the week girl

  2. I love Border Cafe! Try their blackened salmon salad... it's the only thing I order :).

    I haven't tried TJ's brownies, but I do like No Pudge Fudge for a guilt-free treat. Your dessert looks phenomenal!

  3. Fabulous weekend--love the bag purchase! Oversized gold hardware is a winner in my book :) Your brownies look great, as does that B&J's ice cream. Marzipan is amazing.

    So glad you enjoyed the low-key days off !

  4. Great weekend! Those brownies look insane! I would probably eat an entire batch- well done on just having one- or just taking one picture- who knows?!

  5. I've been tempted to try the Tj's new brownies. I'm going to have to make some now.

  6. OMG I am a marzipan-eating machine! I have to try some of that ice cream!

  7. What a gorgeous bag! Now I'm craving Border Cafe too -yum!

  8. I need to locate those brownies!

    I like your new bag. :) What kind of dog do you think you're going to get?

  9. do you ever get sick of being so fabulous?! what did you name that lovely addition to the fam?! (or am I the only one who names my bags? if so, forget I said anything, k?)

  10. For me purses are a hard thing to shop for! I like big bags but I'm very picky on the colors and shapes! That bag you got is so cute! Those brownies look amazing! My favorite is to spread peanutbutter on blackbean brownies or any chocolate !

  11. Love the bag and those giant handles. They make it so much easier to carry the bag! Plus, those colors are gorgeous and go with just about everything. BTW, is that snack mix from Russo's? If so, I love that place. It's a zoo, but totally worth it! Warm brownies + ice cream (of any kind) = heaven! I hope you have a nice weekend!

  12. Love the purse! Great eats too!

  13. yummmmm LOVE that dessert ;)