Monday, February 15, 2010

Flowers and Chocolate

Hope you all have had a great Valentine’s Day weekend…mine is still going since we had the day off today!! 

I really want to just dive right into the INCREDIBLE dinner I had last night, but that baby deserves its own post.  I will say there was a deep fried banana involved…just saying ;)

First, let’s rewind to Saturday morning.  I hit up Body Pump and then came home starving for breakfast!

Whipped up an iced latte and a ham, egg, cheese breakfast sandwich on an Arnold’s Thin!



Mmm, hit the spot.  I was so involved in making my breakfast that it took me a few minutes to realize this was on the table:


:)  I love flowers…and chocolate.


I was good and ate my breakfast first, but it wasn’t too much longer before I had to see what was in that box!!!



In here we have: (let’s see if I can remember what Brian told me)

  • the top piece is a chocolate pretzel rod…I ate that guy first.
  • bottom left: salted caramel
  • bottom right: green tea truffle
  • top left (hidden): dark choc. cranberry turtle!!
  • top middle: pomegranate truffle
  • top right: a cappuccino filled chocolate

I’d say he did a perfect job.

This week was also a fun opportunity to really PINK-out my table :)



yes I made a special trip to CVS just to get Valentine’s day M&M’s!  Plain and peanut :)


And used my glass heart bowl that you receive from Crate and Barrel when registering :)

I switched the roses to this old silver antique tea kettle


and even had a PINK grapefruit in a PINK bowl :)

IMG_8176 IMG_8177         

Was hoping to get in a run today but let’s see how the weather is.  Either way definitely going to Body Combat tonight!

Enjoy your President’s Day!  Anyone else have the day off??  Poor Brian had to get up early to go to work while I slept :)


  1. I'm off today- sent my hubby to work too!

    I love the white roses and your pink table settings- everything looks great!

    Enjoy your day off!

  2. awww- very sweet of the man! The treats look incredible and the roses are beautiful!! Hope you enjoy combat! I taught Pump this AM and got a quick run in too. Now I'm working blahhhh

  3. I love those bowls! I have them too, in blue- they look great with the valentine's chocolates in them- jealous you had such a fun day! xo

  4. fried bananas? whoa girl!

    looks like you had a delectable day, yesterday :)

  5. I can always count on you for FESTIVE holiday posts! Love the chocolates and flowers. Happy (belated) Valentines, love.

  6. oh lovepie, you had my at deep fried bananas. Please tell me they were dipped in chocolate? did you die? oh god, i'm hungry.

    Lovely weekend for a lovely lady :) your man rocks!

  7. p.s. first vday as hubby and wifey! how exciting :) xo

  8. Love your pink table, and the beautiful roses =)