Friday, February 12, 2010

Girls (Food) Night Out

Last night I had the most delicious and also longest girls night dinner! The 4 of us had a 6:00pm reservation at L’Andana (which is conveniently 5 min from my house!) We were originally planning for a 6:30 or 7 timeslot but could only get 6 or something else later. I’m really glad we took the 6pm, because we didn’t finish until about 9:30pm!! I arrived at 5:40 straight from work, so I was there for almost 4 hours!

Luckily time flies when you’re gabbing away and slowly savoring each item. Since I was early I went to the bar and decided to order a drink off their cocktail list. I had the “Grapefruit”, which was Grey Goose L’orange, grapefruit juice, and lemon juice.IMG_8142

This was perfectly cold, tart, fruity, and NOT sweet…just the way I like it. There was a little sugar on the rim of the glass which offset the tartness nicely. As the others arrived they each ordered a different drink from the menu. So I had to snap a pic of out colorful cocktails!



The decor in here was really cool too…I tried to take some pictures but they aren’t the greatest as the light was low



We headed to our table, and of course starting chatting away and also trying to figure out what to eat. Having a group of 4 girls, who all LOVE food and all LOVE trying different things is AWESOME. We ordered everything to share, which is my favorite way of eating.

First was bread…warm focaccia-esque bread with olive oil plus what tasted like a tomato spread in it. 


We started with 3 appetizers and continued to decide on entrées.

Tuna Hand-cut tartare, mustard chili aioli, radish, sea salt cracker


Prosciutto Roast tomato vinaigrette, fresh mozzarella, oregano


and Crisp Calamari Tuscan peppers, tomato brodo, lemon aioli (un-pictured)

All were so flavorful and delicious!! We (clearly) took our time nibbling away while carrying on conversation. I’ve decided I need to talk more at meals…I eat WAY slower and that is something I’ve been trying to work on.

Eventually we decided to order 2 entrees to share:

The Swordfish 6 oz. or 12 oz (we did 6 oz.) , Wood-roasted peppers, onions, cured tomato, olives, capers

And the other I can’t find the exact description but it was a:
lemon sole, with capers and served with roasted potatoes and asparagus.

Somehow the camera missed the entrees…sorry!

No fear though because DESSERT will make up for it. We ordered 3 desserts because they all sounded AMAZING.

Here you have:
Ciambella: Apple cider donut rounds, vanilla crème anglaise, maple cider glaze
Panna Cotta di Caramello Fresh vanilla bean, almond praline & brittle, caramel sauce
Cioccolato Warm chocolate molten cake, vanilla gelato, salted caramel sauce


we got the almond praline/brittle on the side as my friend is allergic!

OMG…incredible. As amazing as a warm, gooey, chocolate molten cake can be, the apple cider donut rounds were THE BEST!! Hot little balls of apple cider donut heaven coated in a generous dose of cinnamon sugar. Thank god we were sharing, or I would have dominated those babies!

So, almost 4 hours later we said our goodbyes and decided this MUST become a regular occurrence :)



I decided this was a 2-coffee kind of day and went out to get a small iced coffee at lunch time. I also plan to get in a workout at the gym tonight as I didn’t get my usual workout last night (and replaced it with a calorie fest). I plan to do some running on the treadmill. Then Body Pump tomorrow morning!

I have been doing Pump on Sunday’s but as it’s Valentine’s Day (and we have all day plans) I’m switching things up!

Anyone have any fun plans for V-day <3


  1. Looks like such a fun night! I love calorie fests! hahah the workout the next day is always better too! hahah

    No big plans for V-day for me, I'm heading to Van for a taste of the Olympics!

  2. WOW! What an incredible night! I need to start doing stuff like that with just my girlfriends. I love that you ordered more desserts than dinners ;) Enjoy your pump. For Vday, we're either going to go out to brunch or froyo and make dinner together. What about you???

  3. why do my "girls nights" include booze and midnight runs to McDonalds? I want to hang out with your crew ;)

  4. Your girls night looks simply fabulous. I love spending a long time at restaurants/cafes when the conversation is just too good to reconvene elsewhere. I'm glad you got to enjoy the company of your girlfriends and share some chic cuisine. Have a fabulous workout and enjoy V-DAY!

  5. I love all the different martini glasses lined up- they look so pretty and delicious!

    I don't think I have nearly enough girl nights and it's a good reason to order dessert!

    Have a great V-day!