Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Your Presense is Requested

Wedding Talk Time: Invitations!!

I mentioned in my last post that I picked up my beautiful invitations!

I'm going to start by saying picking out the invitations was honestly harder for me than picking out my DRESS!! There are just SO many options out there, and so many stores had the same ones and nothing was really clicking. I wanted something classic but not boring, and not what everyone else seems to be doing right now. There are so many trends out there with wedding ideas and I am trying my best to stick out just a little.

The moment I turned the page and saw these I knew immediately that's what I wanted. They are soft and beautiful, but at the same time elegantly simple. It's hard to convey the quality of the paper over the computer screen, but its all thick, soft, ivory paper.

NOTE: Hopefully you can click on the pictures to make them bigger!

The inner envelope has an oatmeal colored almost looks like linen, but feels like a very thin tissue.

Obviously I had to block out the pertinent information...I'll share my Venue and all that good stuff AFTER the wedding :)

My mom and I were both really happy when the lady said the proper etiquette is to write Mrs Richard (last name)...instead of my mom's first name, Mary. So it's like having my dad on the card too :)

Reception Card: can't WAIT to share my reception venue with's SO gorgeous!

I'm really not liking what the yellow "white out" is doing to these babies!

Mediterranean Chicken or Chilean Sea Bass??

Here is a better close up to show the edges of the paper...

all the cards have that rough/natural edge

Beautiful Paper and a Colorful Dinner

I was famished after dance class last I needed food fast!

This was a Joseph's Organic whole grain tortilla with:

  • Sabra's Roasted Pine Nut Hummus
  • Feta
  • a couple shakes of hot sauce
  • baby spinach
  • cucumber
  • red/yellow/green bell pepper slices
  • ribbons of carrot
  • sliced tomato
  • red onion
So pretty!Roll up, and eatSide dish: little sweet potatoSweet Treat... roomie and I decided it was high time to purchase an Angel Food cake from WF's. Such a quick, light, delicious dessert. It's the best with fresh whipped cream and berries...but in a pinch some Chocolate Hazelnut butter will do ;)
So I sent my precious envelopes off to Cali to be written out! Now I have a real deadline to finalize the guest list...Friday! Ahhhh! Why is it so hard?!


  1. Your invites are gorgeous!! Can't wait to see your dress too :)

  2. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww they look BEAUTIFUL! Great job girl :)There are WAY too many options for invites. Yummy din din too!

  3. Your invitations are so classic and chic, I love them! You have such good taste.

    Delicious dessert!

  4. The invitations are gorgeous! I love how they turned out!!

  5. your invites are fabulous girl! how exciting that you're finally sending 'em out :)!!

  6. Those are beautiful invites! I would go with the chilean sea bass...sounds delicious! Your dinner looks so nice as well...I'm missing my wraps. Can't find the tortillas I like.

  7. Pretty invites! I love the font and the edges.

  8. so pretty!! I love that natural sof paper. I'm happy you can squeeze some dancin in your busy schedge girlie :D I went last night..ahh the soreness!

  9. First, we are meant to be friends - my middle name is Anne with an "e" too, which is rare!

    Second, I love love love the natural edge of the paper. I totally see what you were saying about being classic, but a little different. Wonderful!

  10. oh the invitations are gorgeous dear!