Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fun on Martha's Vineyard: Part 1

Oh yes, back to reality. You know, we may not have had completely perfect weather for the 4 days I was there, but even rainy days are just better on the Vineyard!

I arrived on Island, Wednesday at 10:15AM. I ended up being the LAST person to board the ferry that morning and it was packed!? Unfortunately I had to sit on my suitcase and wasn't able to leave my stuff for the whole ride...I was hungry and getting cranky but then we arrived!and it was a perfect beach day!!! We immediately headed to South Beach in Katama.Ahhhh and sand. It was perfect weather too! About 70 degrees, light breeze, and when you're laying down on your towel the sun heats you up just right. We even got a little too hot at some points.I'm rocking ONLY bandeau's this tan lines in my wedding dress (I hate seeing that)!

Beach snacks: cherries and grapes. Perfectly refreshing.We then decided that we were really hungry for an actual lunch. So we set out to find a delicious sandwich.

After visiting 3 different places, we found exactly what we were looking for at Humphrey's in Edgartown!They make their bread fresh daily. We ordered a chicken salad sandwich on Oatmeal Bread, and a veggie wrap with honey mustard and split each!
HOLY SANDWICH! This was the BIGGEST sandwich I have EVER seen!!!! The thick bread was SO soft and amazing. This was a kick ass chicken salad sandwich!The veggie wrap was great too...lots of crunchy veggies, pickles, provolone, and honey mustard.
Later that night we headed to the Atlantic Beach Club for drinks and appetizers for a light dinner since we had lunch late. I have to do a whole post on this place...SO INCREDIBLE. I will just say that instead of little bowls of nuts on the, no, this place has little cylinders of crisp BACON! Who does that!?

Back to work!! Hope you all had a great weekend!!


  1. I ADORE MARTHA'S VINEYARD!!! My folks and I used to go there every summer :-)

    Good luck with work tomorrow!!

  2. ah! Martha's is just so beautiful! Glad you had fun. The fresh bread at Edgartown looks incredible

  3. What an awesome trip - I'm totally jealous!!! :D

  4. As a fellow mass resident, this weather has been brutal! Glad you still enjoyed your trip to the vineyard!

  5. is that a victoria's secret bandeau bathing suit i spy?! adorable!

    everything looks BEAUTIFUL Bridget! Glad you're had such a wonderful time!


  6. how funnn!!! I love the East coast beaches :D I was JUST thinking about you on my walk, haha yes weirdo bloggie thoughts- i was like hm bridget hasn't posted in a while I hope she does soon! haha staallkeeerr :)

  7. I was so funny about tan lines the summer before my wedding. I too hate tan lines. Tacky, tacky, tacky.

  8. I love Martha's Vineyard! Glad you guys had a great time!!

  9. horray for a long weekend!! looks like you had agood time ;) and can i have that sammie for dinner??

  10. i love marthas vineyard! glad you had a great time!

  11. it's so beautiful there! and I agree about the tan lines.

    that sandwich bread looks so fluffy!

  12. wow! I live no where near martha's vineyard but it looks like a must-see in my future!

    those sandwiches look incredible!