Monday, June 15, 2009

Wedding #43654765 and more New House!

It was another packed wedding weekend combined with moving the fiance out of his apartment and into the new house! However, we have lots to do before we actually are sleeping there. He'll be all settled in there before me, but even so...LOTS of cleaning and painting!

Rewind to Thursday: Rehearsal Dinner Time!

My roommate from college, Erin, got married this past Friday and I was one of her bridesmaids.

Rehearsal Dinner - Me, Erin, and my roommate/other bridesmaid (she was also a roomie in college)The wedding was at a hotel in Manchester, NH. They had a beautiful ceremony...
(I am the middle bridesmaid, aka the tall one haha...I'm only 5'6" but the other two were cute shorties!)

Bridal Party! I LOVED these dresses:Again I am in the middle.

Sometimes I feel like hotel wedding food is less than thrilling, but I was really liking the selections that night! Including the refreshing sorbet course after the salad:Actually before that even was fresh fruit, then salad, then the sorbet...then dinner; I had the grilled salmon
My only other gripe with some weddings (this one included) is that you eat hors d'ourves, salad, and whatever else, then the main course...i.e. a LOT of food at the point, and then without a pause they slap dessert at you.

I LOVE dessert, but then you get painfully full...but did I mention there was a chocolate fountain?? :)Like you could resist?? RIGHT!

Then like 2 seconds after I ate most of this...came cake...oh wedding cake how I love theewith a melty heart shaped piece of vanilla ice cream! I was hurting at the point, but had a few bites of cake with very minimal frosting intake haha. Somehow I kept picking at the melty ice cream...luckily for me the waitstaff was really antsy to clean up so I had them take it away before I could go any further.

I was still SO full though...*sigh*... THANKFULLY I am always on the dance floor the whole night and this was no different. I was even sore the next morning from dancing haha!


Saturday we headed back down to Massachusetts to move Brian out of his apartment, and I also had my first dress fitting!! Heheheh I LOVE my wedding dress :) The bustle turned out to be very involved but that's okay because it looks amazing.


Brian and I headed back up to his apt for a final cleaning, left the keys, and headed to the house for MORE cleaning.

SO. MUCH. CLEANING. I'm pretty sure the previous owner swept the floors and that's about it. It didn't look bad at first glance but we spent hours just scrubbing the bathroom and kitchen and still aren't finished cleaning all the insides and outsides of the kitchen cabinets!

At this point I had crapped out but Brian wanted to finish this cabinet :)The sink!More kitchen:The Bathroom - this is going to be my first project! We are taking out that vanity, medicine cabinet and the toilet and getting new ones, plus adding some shelving/storage space above the toilet. It's pretty small so we'll have to be creative!The "office" aka the "red room" aka Full of Brian's stuff for the meantime!The Yellow Room! Future Dining Room - we are adding crown molding, chair rail, replacing the fan with a chandelier, and of course re-painting.Don't mind the old box spring, its from Brian's bed (soon to be guest bed) and it doesn't fit upstairs. Nothing a hack saw can't fix! Haha

The "Living Room", I guess it could be a great room as it's open to the kitchen, Also filled with some of Brian's stuff including the CRAPTASTIC couch that is SO temporary! We hate that thing. Also our sweet TUBE flat screen for this boy yet :(

One of my favorite features...A Fireplace!!! I've NEVER had one and ALWAYS wanted one :)

Mom came over and planted us our first tomato plants
There's a cherry tomato plant, 2 beef steak, and 2 "early girls"....mmmmmm tomatoes!

Another awesome feature is our little outdoor Cabana!That structure has 2 ceiling fans with lights, and a perfect spot for a little outdoor fridge! Hello BBQ's!!

More yard:And it keeps going to the right...we have a pretty decent side yard too! About 1/3 acre total which is awesome considering we are only 15min to Boston still!

My mom is wonderful, but for some reason she always makes baked goods at times when I really need to watch it!But seriously how could I not have a piece of this BLUEBERRY cake! Just a homemade white cake with blueberries and buttercream...oh yeah.


  1. oh my goooodness it is all gorgeous! That wedding sounds so fun and i love the bridesmaids dress, v. chic. Your house is to die for i love it!!!! Can't wait to see all the projects :D

  2. Loveee the bridesmaid dresses! Your place looks great too - so open and warm!

  3. Looks like a nice wedding. I love chocolate fountains. Very dangerous though. I love angel food cake, pound cake, and marshmallows in fountains.

  4. Gorgeous wedding! Gorgeous house!! You look great!

    Your yard will be perfect for entertaining :)

  5. Awwwwwwwwww congrats on the house! Looks awesome. Wedding looks like fun too- great main course! And a chocolate fountain? yummmmm-o

  6. I love your dress! You look beautiful!

    I feel your dessert pain. Been there.

  7. Oh your present looks like my impending future. My husband and I are buying my grandfather's house (a sad mess right now). There will be lots and lots of painting. We actually are hiring a lady to come and spend a day doing heavy duty cleaning so I can get started painting sooner. It's kind of overwhelming but my plan is to take it one room at a time. Do you enjoy painting?

  8. Your house looks like my ideal house, I especially like the fireplace and huge garden.
    That cake from your mum looked fab too.

  9. Definitely beautiful bridesmaid dresses :)

    Congrats on the new house, it's looking great!

  10. Hi new blogger and reader here! You got gorgeous in the dress and the wedding and food look fantastic! Sounds like you had fun but how could you not with chocolate fountains and dancing??

  11. wow, how exciting, i especially love that your mom already has planted tomato plants for you!!! :)

  12. Congratulations on your new house and upcoming wedding! It looks like you'll have a great space to work with when you're remodeling with lots of room for creativity. I am a newly wed with a new home to work on and we too decided to go the crown molding route throughout the house. It has such a wonderful way of making everything look complete!Next task, get rid of his old couch! Happy wedding and remodeling!

  13. Hooray for chocolate fountains :) And new houses too!