Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Just a little sneak peak...these are the gorgeous rose bushes that are currently in bloom at my fiance and my new house!!

It's so funny because the other day I was thinking how I wanted to plant rose bushes at the new house, and now I don't have to!

We finally closed yesterday, and now we are property owners...crazy. The place is still empty, but we're moving Brian's stuff in this weekend, then going to town with cleaning, painting, and getting it all ready before I move in :)

The other night, along with designing my wedding band (!!!!), we visited a possible locale for the Rehearsal Dinner!Our rehearsal is in the Church right near my apt, so I'd love to be able to have a (somewhat) affordable rehearsal dinner in Boston.

This restaurant is The Daily Catch...they have a location right in the North End of Boston and this larger location right on the harbor near the Seaport area.

Check out the view!!
If the weather is nice we can have it out in their courtyard, which would be so perfect.
The food is Sicilian/Coastal Italian...they are famous for calamari! It's soooo good.

After meeting with one of the owners, we decided to stay for dinner.

I wanted something not so heavy so I got the Littlenecks Siciliano (cooked in a white wine sauce, lemon, garlic, and herbs)As well as the Seasonal Grilled Vegetable sideBrian went with Mussels Marinara (all their pasta dishes are served right in the pan!)

Now we just need to sit down and crunch some numbers, but I think this place would be fabulous! If anything I need to remember to get myself down here again some summer evening.

Apparently I was craving Italian again Tuesday night, as was my roomie. She picked up some Trader Joe's Turkey meatballs. These are great little balls-o-protein to add to a nice meal with some whole wheat Rigatoni and Muir Glen Fire Roasted Tomato Sauce!As simple as this was, it tasted SO Amazing for some reason!!! Really hit the spot, esp with some grated Romano cheese on top!
Breakfast this morning included another TJ's item: their new ORGANIC Greek Yogurt!

I guess now Oikos has some competition, and I do NOT know why but the Organic Greek Yogurt's I've tried are MUCH thicker than the non-organic?!??! Anyone know why???It tasted great, but much much thicker. I enjoyed this with a drizzle of maple syrup, some ground flax, sliced strawberries, and granola.


  1. Roses and a porch! How lucky!!!

    I think I used to work near that restaurant when I interned at the US Attorney's Office. It looks familiar.

    And I have no idea why, but agree about the thickness of that yogurt.

  2. The roses are BEAUTIFUL! Congrats on the closing- that is SO very exciting. You two have a lot going on right now and I hope you're enjoying every second ;)



  4. Yayyy, your house looks adorable from the little peek!!!! How exciting, great idea for the restaurant..i hope it magically turns out to be very affordable :D

  5. I love roses! When I was a kid, we had a huge rose garden, but I didn't appreciate it at all. Now I'd kill to have a big rose garden. They're hard to tend though.

  6. The roses look great, so many different colors. Do you like gardening and flowers?

    Are you enjoying making all the decisions regarding getting married? I liked picking out various things but sometimes it seemed like too much! I think most people would enjoy Italian for a rehearsal dinner.

  7. congrats! It's a new chapter in your life...I'm guessing you'll be busy for awhile!
    and the pics looks amazing! ALL of them! I love the freshness of that seafood...yummy!