Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Computer Hates Me

Soooooo my lap top has "sh*t the bed", if you will.  I can't even turn it on without it immediately going Blue Screen of Death on me. So that would be the reason for my lack of blogging lately which stinks!!

I'm actively looking for a new laptop, but for now I'm on Brian's netbook...which is fine for browsing, but I really hate blogging on this thing! He runs Linux instead of Windows so I can't get Live Writer and therefore I'm blogging through BlogSpot which just takes SO much longer.

In light of this I'm going to basically do a re-cap for you; highlights of the past days...

Saturday Brian and I were invited out on our friends boat and we took it from Boston down to Cohasset (south shore of Mass). During low tide there is a sand bar you can beach on.


I forgot how cool Boston looks from the harbor...I love it here.

Um, yes I'll take one of these:  (this house was right near the sand bar…ridiculous)


Brian brought me fresh local peaches and local sunflowers home from Idylwilde farms.

I enjoyed said peaches on Olympus brand Greek yogurt, with some Bob's Red Mill Muesli!


First time trying this brand (it was on sale at WF's)...LOVE it!! It just seems so much more creamy than any other brands I've tried.


Sunday, dinner at Mom's!

She made some DELICIOUS grilled lamb, a fresh salad, and a citrusy Giada side dish

Fresh picked tomatoes for the salad. There are NO tomatoes better than ones you've picked within an hour of eating.


I donated the cucumber from my garden


She made an Orzo salad based on Giada's recipe for Fregola Salad with Fresh Citrus and Red Onion.


I've actually had my eye on this recipe for a while so it was funny that she made it! Too bad I didn't know because I actually have a bag of Fregola! At least I know if I made this sometime, I would cut down the oil a little, and add some fresh orange or grapefruit juice. I needed a little more acid to cut the oil. The flavors were delicious though.

The Marinated lamb was SOOOOO good!!  I can’t believe I went so many years “not liking” lamb when I was a kid…stupid. 


Dessert: Angel Food cake (from WF's), freshly whipped cream with a little chocolate syrup whipped in, and fresh strawberries.


other things...

This is going to be my latest expensive downfall! I finally hit up the Trail Mix bar at WF's and my mixture was SO good!!


Tried a new burrito! They were also on sale at WF's, and Brian has a slight obsession with burritos.

(note the brand name is “love” backwards:)

The Veggie Fajita was pretty good! It looked very fresh, and I loved how you could see all the colorful veggies inside. I added some sour cream and hot sauce. Could of added some salsa too but didn't have any.


I tend to always "doctor" up frozen burritos so this was no different than other brands, but it was a great base and I would buy them again!

Ok I think that pretty much sums things up.

Hopefully getting a new computer this weekend...any recommendations?!  I know people say Mac, but I just don't really want to spend that much right now, and I don’t need it :)

Friday is my good friend's wedding!! I'm doing her make-up and also a reading at the ceremony...can't wait to leave work early Thursday to head down to CT for wedding festivities!

Hope I see you sooner than later!



  1. Looks like I'm going to have to hit up Whole Foods to find that brand of yogurt. I am on an unending quest to find one I like better than Trader Joe's (that doesn't cost as much as a diamond ring) since I there's not TJs here. :(

    My computer hates me too.

  2. Have fun at the wedding! So cool that you're doing her makeup! You must post pictures. Idylwilde farms is the best! Gorgeous flowers and their produce is amazing. Boston is just beautiful in the summer. mmm orzo salad- I want to make that. Orzo is my favorite type of pasta. I have a thinkpad. I think they're fantastic!

  3. Mmmm I can't believe I went so long refusing to eat lamb too!!!

    I know you said not to say Mac, but that's all I can say :) I had like 3 PCs die on me within 3 years, so I finally caved and got a MacBook (my friends were thrilled; I did it begrudgingly...). And I have to say, the extra money spent was SO worth it. It's had a couple little issues and I just bring it to the Apple Store and they fix it right there for free!! For my PCs I'd have to send them away for weeks and pay usually. I never thought I'd be a Mac fan girl, but I so am now :)

    Good luck!


  4. Make you own trail mix. Sounds amazing. It's probably a good thing they don't have that at the Whole Foods here.

  5. Give a fool enough rope and he will hang himself...................................................

  6. i'm in mass right now! its so pretty here.

  7. looks like your time sans computer has been filled with some DELISH foods :) i've got a mac and i love, but i also got it from work... so i got nothing for ya :( hopefully you'll be able to find one that suits your needs for not an arm and a leg!