Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Armsby Abbey

On our way home from the wedding trip in CT on Saturday, I knew I’d want to have dinner on the way home.

My first thought was this really good seafood restaurant in Worcester, MA.  Of course the thought of Worcester immediately made Brian think of Armsby Abbey, also in Worcester.  I checked the menu on my phone and got VERY excited for dinner :)


Armsby Abbey is a smallish bar/restaurant serving numerous craft beers, artisan cheeses, and other delicious eats.  They try to get as much local produce and other products when possible.  Many of the beers and cheeses were also from all around New England.



They have 22 rotating Draughts, 6 of which are dedicated to Belgium Beers.  I hadn’t heard of many of the beers they had on tap, but I was in the mood for something refreshing and I am SO SO SO happy I went with this…


Cherry Woods from Cisco Brewers (Nantucket)

This is a sour ale, but not too sour…it just has flavor of tart cherries, but nothing too overwhelming, extremely refreshing, and very drinkable!!  I’m kind of sad this is a limited edition beer.  I really hope I can find it in bottles somewhere!

For food, we went with the New England Cheese Slate and the Sweet Corn Salad


New England Slate $20
Bridgid’s Abbey from Cato Corner Farm (Colchester, CT), Westfield Farms Classic Blue (Hubbardston, MA) and Shy Brother’s Hannahbells (Westport, MA) with Artisan Salami, Candied Almonds, local seasonal fruit, Wildflower Honey from Honey Etc. (Princeton, MA), Dr. Gonzo’s Black Fly Mustard (Worcester, MA), our Homemade Seasonal Preserves made with fresh local fruit and our House Baked Breads


Um, I would like one of these made for me everyday :)  Ok maybe just every week?


Look at those little Thimbles!  So cute!!  Those are the Shy Brothers Hannahbells - a soft cow cheese with a mild yet grassy flavor.  It tasted almost like a mild “stinky” cheese to me.  In a good way :)  Mmmm.

The middle cheese was the: Westfield Farms Classic Blue (Hubbardston, MA) is a soft-ripened goat cheese. This is one of very few external blue chevres made in the world. The Roquefort rind is a striking color that develops on the surface and slowly ripens toward the center.

Tastes just as you’d think…a tangy goat cheese with a hint of blue cheese.  I know, very descriptive Bridget…well that’s what it tasted like!


My favorite cheese was the Bridgid’s Abbey (on the right)!  And not just because we share a similar name.  It was just simple and delicious.  Creamy, salty, and just plain YUMMY!  I think it would be amazing melted.

I loved ALL the cheeses…as well as these amazingly soft breads. 


Trying all the different combos of cheese and breads and spreads was a treat for my taste buds and made this a more fun and interactive meal.  I love playing with my food. 

Sweet Corn Salad $12
Fresh Sweet Corn from Berberian Farm (Northboro, MA) along with Red Onion, Roasted Red Peppers, Toasted Pepitas and Chevre from Crystal Brook Farm (Sterling, MA) atop a bed of Arugula dressed with Creamy Basil Vinaigrette


The salad was also very good, and LOADED with goat cheese.  So many delicious flavors. 

I was saying “yum” and “mmmm” a LOT .  It was one of those perfectly filling meals, and not gonna lie I was every so slightly buzzed off of my ONE beer.  Yeah, I know…lightweight. 

Must go to Worcester again SOON!  In the mean time I’ll be happy if I can find the Cherry Woods beer and the Bridgid’s Abbey cheese.  Let me know if you see either of them out anywhere!!!!

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  1. The New England Slate looks amazing! I would like to try one right now:)

  2. WOW! This place looks awesome. I need to tell my sister about it. Great beers and all that yummy cheese!! I love places that support local farmers too (we're going to a restaurant tonight that supports local farmers as well). Your salad looks amazing. mmm goat cheese ;) Hope you're doing well.

  3. The slate plate looks amazing all those things to pick and choose from, yum.

  4. Yummy foods! I love sample trays!


  5. Stop it! You were in Worcester and went to the Abby and didn't invite me?! Well that's ok for now but yes, I agree, you should come back to Worcester and I will gladly join you to hit up the Abbey, the great seafood places you speak of, or some great place you've never been!