Saturday, July 3, 2010

Green Thumb Part 2

Before I get to more of our yard projects…

Thank you so much for all the congratulations :)  It’s such a relief to have that behind me.

Happy 4th of July weekend everyone!!!  I’m currently up in NH at the inlaws house!  Today is Brian’s sister’s bday, and tomorrow is one of his best friend’s birthday’s so we are usually up here for the 4th.

Before we headed up north, I went to a steamy HOT yoga class this morning.  I’m running a 5-mile road race tomorrow morning, so I ‘figured yoga would be a good pre-race workout.  Let’s hope this years run goes a little better than last years!!  Last year was my first road race ever…and this thing has HUGE hills, so I really didn’t know what I was getting into.  Although it’s going to be H-O-T tomorrow so I don’t think I’m going for any records haha!

After yoga I grabbed some Basil from our garden to add to my breakfast :)


I give you Tomato + Basil + Goat Cheese + egg sandwich


Oh yeah…


I added some chopped basil right into the egg and then a couple leaves fresh on the sandwich.


I bet this would be delish with a little slice of mozzarella as well :)

I see a little yellow summer squash starting to grow!!  Can’t wait to have veggies to eat!!

Now back to the subject at hand…

One of our other tasks that I was excited to tackle at the house was my attempt to DIY-update an old set of outdoor chairs and a table that I received as a hand-me-down from mom. 

Beautiful aren’t they?


This was always part of my master plan for the patio.  I wanted to spend some $$ on a nice conversational set (i.e. our new sectional!), and then try to update the old table and chairs instead of buying new ones. 

I remembered reading this post on Young House Love…another favorite blog of mine!  Didn’t seem too hard, and we really didn’t have anything to lose.  The furniture couldn’t really get much worse ;)

Update old Patio Furniture


This is some serious paint.  In the end we ended up using 5 cans of this spray paint for the 4 chairs and table. 

After reading the instructions from the YHL post, I knew I didn’t want this stuff on my skin, so I made sure to cover up :)



Now take that image even further and imagine me with blue rubber gloves and saftey glasses…yeah, sexy. 

Lots of fumes, bug spray, weird looks from passer-bys and neighbors, and a few days of drying later…we had ourselves a not-too-shabby patio dining set!


My next step is to find cute colorful outdoor seat cushions, but so far no luck.

There are a few paint drips on the chairs (it was hard getting in between each chair slat), but it’s not too noticeable…and again, a MUCH improvement over the original.                IMG_9719_thumb

Other things blooming…our roses! (well these pictures are from like a month ago when the roses  were blooming…it’s been pretty dry the past few weeks!)



I need to cut myself some blooms more often…so pretty, and they grow back SO quick when the weather is good!



And finally my gardening themed iphone cover haha :)


Well I need to get my butt into bed!  Here’s hoping I can get through the hot, hilly, run tomorrow!

Hope you all have a fun 4th! 


  1. Well aren't you just crafty, love it. Good luck with your race tomorrow and I'm loving that sandwich, what a perfect breakfast.

  2. Good luck at the run today!! I hope it goes well. The egg sandwich looks awesome. I really like the basil addition. The patio set turned out great. Wait to DIY....I stick at that kind of stuff haha. Happy Fourth

  3. Oh my- your breakfast sandwich looks fantastic- what a combination.

    You are quite crafty outside. I mostly like to sit and watch :)