Thursday, July 15, 2010

dinner b. good

Last week, Brian and I were graciously invited over to Elina’s condo in Boston for a deliciously catered dinner by b. good!

It was a warm night in the city and it was so nice to relax on her patio.


Some other bloggers in attendance were:

Lauren and her husband, John



Josh and his wife Melissa

After a drink (wine for me, beer for Brian) served by Elina’s husband, Adam, we mingled for a while until the food arrived!

Of course we all we’re snapping pictures before anyone even thought of digging in.  Brian was pretty amused by this as he’s never been around multiple food bloggers at one time haha!

b. good specializes in burgers, salads, sides, and shakes!  On their menu they offer your choice of Veggie, Turkey, and Beef burgers as well as Chicken Sandwiches.  Then you pick your style: Cousin Oliver, West Side, Buffalo, El Guapo, Adopted Luke, or a Seasonal Special.

Our dinner included a variety of MINI burgers!!  LOVE anything mini :)

Buffalo chicken sandwich:


 Cousin Oliver Burger – lettuce, tomato, picklesIMG_0384IMG_0380

Veggie Burger!  I’m not sure the style, I didn’t have this one.

IMG_0381 IMG_0382

El Guapo Turkey Burger: bacon, homemade jalapeño ranch, lettuce, tomato.  That jalapeño ranch had a big kick to it!  But so tasty!


If someone could make this for me everyday I’d be a happy girl…

Southwestern Chicken Salad – mesclun, avocado, corn, tomatoes, black beans, toasted corn, and chipotle balsamic dressing!

Sweet Potato Fry heaven :)


Smoothies!  Mango and Strawberry – Banana!  These were incredibly refreshing on a warm night.

Brian and I started by sharing these 2 plates…

IMG_0389 IMG_0390

We tried a buffalo chicken, Cousin Oliver burger, and turkey burger…all delicious!  I haven’t had a real beef burger in a long time and it hit the spot.  I think the buffalo might have been my favorite but they were all very very good!

(totally took this picture from Elina’s post, but I was lacking any good pictures of the group :)

Thank you so much to Elina and Adam for such a fun night!  I wish b. good would open closer to me, but since we’re only like 15min out of the city I think we could make the trip.

p.s. all “B” tags for this post ;) I resisted adding a tag for Brian and Bridget


  1. Wow! What a fun event. The burgers are adorable and those Sweet Potato Fries? mmmmm. Glad ya'll enjoyed yourselves. Its almost friday- yipeee

  2. WOW! Those burgers look so good...especially the Buffalo one. :) [And how can you go wrong with sweet potato ANYTHING?]

  3. That food looks really good and perfect for a summer gathering.

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  5. Awww I wish I could have gone... It looks like a fabulous time with delicious food (and awesome people, too)!