Monday, July 12, 2010

Hot in Herrrre

Yeah, it’s been a straight up heat wave around New England lately!

We have a small window AC in our bedroom (thank god!), and another down stairs, but the one downstairs barely makes a difference.  Therefore the last thing I have been craving is a warm meal. (side note: it was actually really nice out last night and we grilled and ate outside, but more on that later this week)

I also had a fun-filled Bachelorette party weekend for my friend Jenny!  So I am going to just devote this post to things that are either…
good on a hot day, or just HOT in general ;)

First, one of my favorite warm weather dishes…

Caprese Salad…with basil from the garden of course!  Now I just need some of my tomatoes to ripen up and this will be even better!

Secret ingredient…


Seriously is the best olive oil EVER!!  If I could go back to Greece and bring you all home some I would ;)

I love the salad with just a drizzle of EVOO, salt, and pepper…but I also love it sometimes with tangy balsamic vinegar.  So I opted for a side of vinegar, so I could decided which bites would be dipped.

IMG_0400 IMG_0402

Now onto other “Hot” things…well the first may be more under the inappropriate category…


C’mon people!!  It’s a cake!!  Calm down :)  Don’t worry that’s as far as the “raunchiness” went this weekend.

Nice cool glass of Sauvignon Blanc at Cava with Jocy before the festivities of the day began.  We ate here for my bachelorette last year!


Cava’s Meza Plate…perfect summer foodIMG_0418

Starting with the falafel with pickled red onion on the bottom left, going clock wise we have: tabbouleh, baba ghanoush, cous cous salad, hummus, Moroccan salsa, and back to the falafel

Seriously, BEST falafel I’ve ever had…with an amazing tahini sauce underneath IMG_0420

Bachelorette, resuming now…

enjoying some of the “man” cake IMG_0435

We all wore black, except the bride, not a huge fan of black but I conceded…thank god for Forever 21 sometimes right?!


Watch out Portsmouth…here we come!  Hotness…


The first bartender of the evening… he “unbuttoned” for the bride, but only for a minute haha IMG_0453

Sangria time! IMG_0460 IMG_0462


Yeah it was hot AND humid…notice the hair starting to curl on it’s own.  I spent about half hour straightening it, only to have it back to a HOT mess by the end of the night!

College Roomies!!!!  Congrats Jenny!!!  Can’t wait for the wedding :)


Now I need to get this HOT laptop off my legs!! (yeah hopefully getting  a new one soon!!)

Stay Cool!


  1. Caprese salads are so amazing. Fresh Moz! Nothing like it.

    The party looks like a lot of fun. And Portsmouth is just too adorable for words. I love your dress!! Great find. I don't know why I bother straightening my hair in the summer either- it kinks up the second I walk out the door. Hope you have a nice week <3

  2. What a fun weekend. The food and drinks looks so good. Hope you are finding some relief from the heat.

  3. Awww yay for Portsmouth!! The bachelorette party looks super fun... My UNH college roommate is getting married on Saturday (in Cambridge) and I can't wait!!

    Your caprese salad looks fabulous too :)


  4. haha, that's quite the cake. i'm so glad my sister didn't pull anything like that off for my bachelorette. geez. ;)
    All those eats look fantastic. The tomato/mozz salad looks like it came straight out of a magazine. Stay cool. :D
    Oh and thank you for your sweet email. It's getting better. I'm so busy at work that I am kind of trying to ignore the situtation but Adam is definitely a stress ball but I'm fighting this stupid flood not to bring me down. :)

  5. what a fun time!! i love that dress...forever 21 ROCKS!!!!

  6. Did you get that cake at Sweet n Nasty in Boston? I got my friend a penis birthday cupcake there :D

  7. just stumbled across your blog and woah! lol that cake lol tell me you didn't make that?
    you got a bakery to make that?
    whoever and however that was made is awesome :)

  8. You should send that cake into cakewrecks. They could have a lot of fun with that one!