Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Is it too early for Christmas Music?

I think not, but the husband would beg to differ!

I must say that I was PUMPED when I walked into Starbucks last week (yes in October) and I was served my misto in a red Holiday cup!Picture 002

I am so excited for Christmas EVERYTHING!!

Picture 001

My neighbors also put up their Christmas lights the day after Halloween…they are my new favorite neighbors.  I can’t wait to actually put up lights on OUR house! (edit: the neighbors put them up but they aren't turning them on yet…oh well, I saw the test run)

In other things seasonal:  Mom brought over some homemade chocolate chip pumpkin bread this weekend.  She was also proud of herself for cutting back on the sugar and oil, and admitting it still tasted just as good!  Go mom!

I decided to enjoy a slice this morning with some Maple Almond Butter!  May not be new to you, but it’s my first time…delicious!  Just a very subtle maple flavor.

Picture 022

Perfect Combo

Don’t forget about the soup giveaway!!

Dance class tonight…woot woot!


  1. I love those red Starbucks cups! I don't think it's too early for Christmas music! I've been considering decorating for Christmas all day.

  2. I went to bucks today and could not believe they had holiday cups already! Craziness. Hope you enjoy dance! That maple ab is Josh's FAVORITE!

  3. Um...I'm about ready to start listening to Christmas music too. The fiance thinks it is too early. ;)

  4. My roomie and I were just PUMPED on our red cups toooo! Yummm :) Your house is so gorg i love it! Let me know where u take dance class girlie!! Ha doubtful i'll have time but I'd love to try and make one!

  5. Hey Bridget! The wedding pictures and house pictures you posted are wonderful! And I am so excited about Christmas everything too!

  6. Yay for red cups! Seasonal decor and cups are just the best.

    That P-Bread looks amazing. And Justin's Maple is the best! I have a big jar of it, found at some random health food store up here in the mountains! :D

  7. I LOOOOOOOOVE christmas, but I have to agree its too early! My countdown from the 6th of November after fireworks night :)

  8. I love Christmas music ... I love to sing it at the top of my lungs, and I have been known to do so in July. :)

  9. Chocolate chip pumpkin bread?!! Can I send my address? Hehe. I'm glad you enjoyed it and yes, the holidays are slowly but surely arriving. With style.

    Have a fabulous Saturday, lovely lady@