Monday, November 16, 2009

New Gym Sore Body

But in the good way.  I can’t believe it took me almost 2 months to join a gym again after moving!!  Luckily I was still running, taking dance class, and using my dumbbells at home.

However, as the cold weather moves in and it now is completely dark by the time I leave work (hate that!), I knew my outdoor running days were  dwindling (what can I say…I’m not hard core enough to run when its freezing out!). 

After much thought, I broke down and joined the brand new Boston Sports Club near my house!  I’ve always joined the “cheaper” gyms, and for once I just really wanted a nice gym that I wouldn’t mind actually showering at haha.  In the end it wasn’t as much as I expected (yay!), AND my good friend joined too!!  So far having a gym buddy is AWESOME.  Much harder to bail.

Back to the soreness.  Another big draw to joining BSC was that they now offer the Les Mills Body Pump and Body Combat classes!!

After hearing so much about Body Pump on Erica’s and Tina’s blogs, I was dying to try them out. 

Last Thursday I did Body Pump…awesome class!!  What a great way to get all your muscle groups done in 1 hour!  Plus I definitely pushed myself harder in class than I would if I was just lifting on my own.  I was feeling it all weekend.  Tonight I did Body Combat…holy workout!!!  That class kicked my butt, and I’m already sore…esp in my arms.  It feels SO great to be back to a steady workout schedule.

Back to last Thursday.  I told Brian I’d be at this class and sort of jokingly (but not) said how great it would be to have dinner ready when I got home.  Well, that night I came home to this scene:

11-16-09 001

  • hand blender in hand
  • wine on the counter
  • fish on the counter
  • cookbook in the cookbook stand
  • and it smelt delicious!

He rifled through the cookbooks and decided on this:

11-16-09 003

A Provence-Style Fish Stew from this Williams Sonoma “Soup” cookbook I have, that I don’t even think I’ve ever used!

11-16-09 004

It was basically a stew with: onions, garlic, carrot, fennel, fish stock, red wine, canned tomatoes, and fish!  (he used Cod).

Fresh FRESH French bread…

11-16-09 002  

A few minutes later…dinner served!

11-16-09 007

Lucky Girl :)

Random Note:  This is our new couch and chair that are being delivered Friday!!!!!!

 11-16-09 011

Post Body Combat meal….brenner (you know, breakfast for dinner!)

Scrambled 1 egg+ 1 egg white, with spinach, and topped with a little American cheese.

11-16-09 013

Kashi Heart 2 Heart waffles, a little Vanilla Chobani, and some real maple syrup! 

 11-16-09 016

11-16-09 014

My sore arms and I need a shower and BED!  Good night. 


  1. wahoooo! Thanks for the shout out! Les Mills totally rocks. They really do produce the best fitness classes. Glad you enjoyed combat too ;) How sweet of the man to make you such a delicious meal. LOVE your new couch and chair. Take pics once they're delivered!!

  2. what a great hubby! and such a fancy meal ;) LOVE and miss bodypump! maybe i should reconsider bsc...

  3. fish stew?! YUM. I'm going to look up a recipe-- for sure :)

  4. that fish stew looks awesome and so does your new couch!

  5. i wish i could get my boyfriend to cook for me! when i say "ur in charge of dinner tonight" i come home to subway!

  6. Breakfast for dinner is the best!!


  7. Wow, that's awesome that Brian cooked for you. I don't think Adam would ever surprise me like that... oh and I LOVE body pump. I bet you're feeling it today ;)