Friday, November 27, 2009

The Sweet Stuff

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with friends and family :)  I know I did!

Back to my friends-Thanksgiving!

Let’s get to the goods…the desserts!  Because I don’t like to change up my classic Thanksgiving side dishes, the desserts are where I can get creative each year. 

I may have disappointed a few with the lack of a chocolate pecan pie…BUT I had other plans :)

I’ll just start with my favorite this year…this recipe came from the wonderful Giada!

Profiteroles with Ricotta Mascarpone

Thank you Giada!


I started with wanting to make a cream puff but when I read this recipe I knew it was a winner. 

Puff pastry always sounded like it would be hard to make but I’ve heard it was easy and easy it was!!

I made the filling Saturday:


The next morning I baked the pastry puffs before the Turkey needed to go in.  Profiteroles/Cream Puffs are actually very easy to make.

Basic Ingredients:  Water, butter, flour, sugar, salt, eggsIMG_7242

All ingredients except the eggs are cooked together on the stove.


Then each egg is added 1 at a time and beat in until the dough is smooth and sticky.

Copy of IMG_7244

Spoon onto sheet pan, lined with sil pat or parchment


I smoothed out the tops with a finger dipped in water, then gave each an egg wash for shine


Puffs (in sunlight)



Later on I got out the filling, sliced the top off each puff, and filled the profiteroles




The recipe called for a topping of Nutella + cream, heated together.  For me, the cream and Nutella were just NOT getting along well, so I heated up straight Nutella for my topping.  Just as good or better in my opinion!


YUMMMM the filling tasted just like a cannoli!!!


With my extra Ricotta, I was reminded of another simple Giada recipe I wanted to try…


The Ricotta Cappuccino

I had all the ingredients on hand:


The process couldn’t of been simpler…


And I finally got to use my cute set of espresso cups!



Delicious…I am so making these again in the summer!



My final dessert was Mini Pies!!  I love all miniature desserts :) 

Basic pie crust recipe my fam always uses:  flour, shortening, water, salt.

I chilled, and was ready to roll it out Saturday:IMG_7234

Rolled out discs, placed into muffin tin, lined each with foil and filled with dry beans to use for weight so the crust doesn’t puff up!IMG_7236


Brian requested banana cream and I was thinking coconut cream since I’ve never made it before.  Luckily they are VERY similar and I was able to make 1 filling for both pies. 

I ended up with an Emeril recipe for Coconut Cream Pie

Basic vanilla custardy pie filling…





Just before I added any coconut, I filled half of the pie crusts with a little filling, topped with some sliced banana, and filled to the top.IMG_7261



Then added some sweetened coconut as well as some I had toasted earlier.  P.S. Toasted coconut is AWESOME in yogurt!!!!IMG_7255

Then I filled the remaining shells with the coconut filling.IMG_7264

Later on, these got topped with meringue and toasted with my torch!



I dusted the tops of the coconut creams with more toasted coconutIMG_7320

Others brought apple crisp and pumpkin pie!


Hope everyone is having a great little vacation :)  Now we’re off to the in-laws for Thanksgiving #3 tomorrow!


  1. WOW- so many awesome desserts- you are amazing. I want to try making mini pies. I've also been wanting to try that Giada recipe forever. Hope you had a great thanksgiving

  2. All those desserts, its like one of my dreams come true.
    I want that recipe for riccotta cappucino :) I love anything cappuncino
    Hope you had a great day

  3. My goodness Bridget, you are quite the baking diva! I am quite envious of your chic baking skills. Love all of the recipes--you are the best! Such great taste and style, even in desserts. Anything Giada conjures up is sure to be good....

    I hope you're having a lovely holiday! Sounds like you are. Keep enjoying!

  4. girl you are a baking machine...those are some SERIOUS desserts!!! I'm coming to your place next year. Kidding..

    ...well, unless you want me to ;)

  5. Hey girly! I wish I was up in your neck of the woods! I am actually in Nashville visiting Josh's family

  6. it all looks delicious!! I love baking with ricotta--everything turns out so creamy :)

  7. Wow, that's a lot of desserts. You are so good with that stuff. I hope one day I perfect making pie crust so i can make minis like that :)

  8. you can't go wrong with a giada recipe....everything looks FABULOUS! enjoy Thanksgiving #3!

  9. wow those desserts look amazing! and very creative, too.