Monday, November 9, 2009

Flavors of Fall

Brian and I just got back from a delicious evening full of fun Fall inspired food.

Last week I received an email from Boston Chefs, about their Sixth Annual Flavors of Fall.  This event benefits Second Chances“a local nonprofit that collects and distributes free clothing to homeless and lower income people who are clients of Cambridge and Somerville shelters, service providers and anti-poverty agencies.”

We had been trying to pick a restaurant for my Birthday(!!) which was on Saturday…the big 2-7.  When I got this email I knew this would be a fun option instead of a dinner out (even though I still had a fun dinner Saturday).  


As Fall is my FAVORITE time of year, the chance to sample fall inspired dishes from some of the top restaurants in Cambridge and Somerville sounded like a perfect evening.



I didn’t get pictures of it all…but here’s a sampling :)


CHEESE!!  The Blue Room had a superb cheese spread with Aged Goat cheese, TBR Flat Bread, spiced nuts, and brandy poached apricots.  The nuts, apricots, and goat cheese were AMAZING!

They also had cream puff-looking bites, which were actually gougeres stuffed with goat cheese and drizzled with black pepper caramel….YUM.


That’s not the greatest picture…but that table was the home of:  Duck confit tartlettes with leek fondue and spiced cranberry conserve from Chez Henri.  I had a couple of these babies.

Next up: OM Restaurant and Lounge with their Sweet potato ravioli with brown butter cream sauce.IMG_7144


These were another one of our favorites!

Upstairs on the Square offered a pressed sandwich of artisan salumi and Taleggio with marinated red pepper relish.


Another grilled sandwich (which went unpictured) but equally as amazing was the Grilled pimiento cheese sandwich on B&R pecan bread with country ham and local apples from Hungry Mother.

On to the sweet stuff…


The people from Sandrine’s Bistro had the blow torch going right there so it was a fresh crackly sugary top.


Next was pumpkin whoopie pies and native apple crisp from Henrietta’s Table


We decided to double team the apple crisp/whoopie pie with the offerings from JP Licks


We took a sample of the Pumpkin Cheesecake ice cream and the White Coffee ice cream.  I also snagged a sample of their own Holiday Blend ground coffee.

Live jazz..



Gotta love a swag bag:

IMG_7152 IMG_7153

A re-usable grocery bag full of fun info, coupon, a copy of Edible Boston magazine, some Little Bites Belgium chocolates, a bendable cutting board, and more!


This was such a fun and different thing to do, and I can’t believe that there were so many restaurants I haven’t been to when I used to live a mile down the road!! 


  1. Happy Birthday girl! I am 27 too! What a great way to celebrate- all the food looks incredible. Yummy to the pumpkin whoopie pies!!

  2. *sigh* That is a list of all the restaurants in this city I'd desperately love to go to and couldn't actually PAY for. But how fun to do a sampler! And for a good cause!

  3. Happy birthday lovely lady!
    I'm glad you had a wonderful night out!

    Those desserts look absolutely delectable and delicious!!

    Have a great day!
    with love,

  4. We're birthday sisters (almost)! November birthdays are the best. Glad I'm in good company :D

    LOVE the looks of this event. I adore Fall too so I am quite envious of such a fun evening. Glad you enjoyed it Bridget <3

  5. Happy Birthday!!! I saw that event, bummed to miss it--tasty ;)

  6. OHmy goshhhhhhhhh i need to go to all those restaurants, immediately...
    Sounds so fun and a great cause!

  7. So glad you liked pump! Combat kicks MAJOR butt! You're going to love it. Your core will be talking to you tomorrow ;) Let me know what you think.