Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wedding Updates!

I just mailed out my invitations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (yeah leave it to me to pick the ones that require $1.05 in postage hehe)
I am SO SO excited about that! They came out beautifully! I hired someone to write out all the inner and outer envelopes, and let me tell you it was SO worth it! I found this woman online with great reviews so I decided to give it a chance.
I don't even understand how someone just writes like this...
86 outer and inner envelopes looked like these, and even though no one would notice if I just had them done on a computer, I think people WILL notice that they are written out like this. Well I hope :)
You can find info on my calligrapher, Katrina, here and here! She's very reasonably prices (the same as it would of cost be to have them printed digitally) and SO great to work with. I would highly recommend her. If you want more info, email me :)

In case you forgot what the actual invitation looks like, you can see them here!

I also mentioned I had my hair trial on Saturday!

Now I have VERY curly hair naturally and as pretty as they look sometimes, the curls are just way too unpredictable to be left on their own on such a big day. So we are going to blow out my hair and then add some soft curls back in.

She only had an hour (only right?), so it's not as meticulous as it will be on the day of, but you get the idea:
It's not even a bun or twist, she just pinned up pieces of hair to create this low loose look that I was going for...and slightly to the side so it can be seen.

I don't have it yet, but I will have a flower hair piece down on the side also.

More pics later at lunch:

Speaking of lunch I had a delicious sandwich at Sel de la Terre.
Zaatar roasted chicken with grilled zucchini and red onions, Westfield farms goat cheese, red leaf lettuce and cucumber on sourdough
It was warm, with crispy and soft bread, and amazing subtle goat cheese knocks it up a few points right off the bat!

Not to mention it was a perfect day for dining al fresco!
Oooo I also noticed the first gifts purchased of the registry today!!!!!

Now let those RSVPs start roooooooolling in!


  1. So exciting! I am in awe of Katrina's calligraphy. I mean, wow. The invites look gorgeous, as does your hair!

    I haven't yet been to Sel de la Terre... but that sandwich has convinced me to go sometime soon ;).

  2. Love the hair AND the invites!!! You must be getting so freaking excited

  3. I like the hair!

    And I have heard about others having someone write the invitations out for them, I never would have thought it would be competitive pricing with having it digitally done. Very interesting. :)

  4. ahh that's so exciting that the invites are out!!!

    you're hair is so glamorous! you are gonna knock your fiances socks off ;)

  5. The hair looks gorgeous!!

    I am STUNNED that that is hand written! Beautiful!

  6. Your hair is so beautiful! haha and I stalked our registry , too!!

  7. how exciting! just lovely :)

    i haven't been to sel de la terre either!

  8. Love the hair. It looks simple and elegant.

  9. The invitations are gorgeous. Almost as much as you and your hair! Such a stunning style.

  10. I would notice!!! I would notice!!!

    Your hair looks perfect. I love how you kept it up for lunch. :D

  11. Lovely invites, beautiful hair, its all so exciting :)

  12. Your hair looks beautiful! Will you wear a veil? I like the invitations. This is such an exciting time!

  13. What beautiful calligraphy! Get ready - when the invites go out, that's when it gets all the more real :) Such an exciting time!

  14. This is so exciting! The invitations and calligraphy look absolutely gorgeous. And your hair is going to look so great with the veil and flower. I am so glad things seem to be going smoothly, and I love your excitement.

    Take Care!

  15. The calligraphy is absolutely gorgeous! My invites were over $1 to mail too, but I absolutely loved them, so it was worth it :)

    I just found your blog and look forward to reading about the rest of your planning process, best wishes!

  16. Your hair looks beautiful!!

    My dad could do calligraphy like that, and used to send me letters in college like that!