Monday, July 20, 2009

Who's a slacker?

This girl! Wow I can't believe how neglectful I've been lately with blogging and even reading blogs for that matter!!

Although my mind has been a constant to-do list that keeps running over and over again, and driving me crazy!!

So in less than a week we already have a nice amount of RSVPs! FUN!! My mom even has a little basket to keep them all in haha.

Ok ok, back to a little re-cap in food.

Starting with a new yummy product I picked up at, you guessed it, Trader Joes:I also whipped up a little kick ass salad last week:

  • Mixed Greens
  • Cucumber
  • Red Onion
  • Tomato
  • Shredded Carrots
  • Feta!
  • Dressing of fresh lemon juice, olive oil, salt, and pepper
  • Pita and Lemon hummus on the side
  • small piece of bread on the side as well leftover from a restaurant
Another delicious salad was eaten on Sunday. This was from one of my favorite restaurants in the North End of Boston...Antico Forno.

This is my absolute FAVORITE salad, and it's also extra special because it was this salad that got me to try goat cheese a few years ago and now I am OBSESSED! I give you the Focacinna con Caprino


Flat aromatic bread topped with mixed green salad, goat cheese, fresh roasted cherry tomatoes and grilled zucchini

My favorite part is smearing the soft goat cheese on the warm flat bread...mmmmmmOther weekend activities included the ever popular selection of paint colors...We have "Hopsack" on the left, and "Oatbran" on the right. Oh the joys of home ownership :)

We went with the Oatbran...actually Brian painted the room yesterday and I am going to check it out after work today! This is for the guest bedroom.

For our bedroom we were choosing between a blue and green
I liked the blue better, but I think we are still going to go with something a little lighter than this. I want the bedroom to be a relaxing oasis...lots of white and soft walls :)

We even ordered a new bathroom Vanity and picked out a new toilet!! Haha!

Later we opted to fire up the grill back at my apt. We went for the pre-marinated meats at Whole Foods, and boy were those steak tips delicious!! I also grilled a chicken breast, a chicken sausage, veggies, and corn!
My plate:A little of everything. Unfortunately the corn just was NOT flavor, off texture :( Boo! So we didn't finish that.

Since the coals were still nice and hot, I dug some old marshmallows out of the cupboard and we made some s'mores!

Now you may notice something odd about the marshmallows:No your screen is fine, it really is purple
and green :)

Ok ok, so all I had were these leftover from Easter time heheHahha multi colored Bunny Mallows!!

Still enjoying eating a lot of this lately too...LOVING the berries lately...Raspberries AND Strawberries were 2 for $5 this week at Whole Foods. Can't beat that! Plus homemade granola = happy face!

Weekly Wedding Tidbits:
  • Panickly working on finalizing a rehearsal dinner location
  • Ordered a potential Flower Girl dress online today! carries the Us Angles brand in case anyone's looking!
  • Going shopping tonight for a dress to wear to my friend's wedding THIS Saturday! I swear I didn't slack on that one, I just really haven't seen anything I'm loving anywhere!?
  • Heading up to NH Friday for the weekend for my friends wedding!!! So excited because Brian and I are both good friends with the bride and groom and lots of college friends will be there!!
  • SUNDAY IS MY BRIDAL SHOWER hehehehhe!!!!!!!! Not gonna lie, I check my registries like 3 times a day...whatever, you would too!
I'm going to bring Brian's computer up to NH, so I will be blogging from there this weekend :)


  1. Girl! Don't beat yourself up over it- you are getting married VERY soon! Slacking is more than ok! So much fun stuff going on over there. That Focacinna con Caprino
    looks incredible- I LOVE goat cheese. Totally delicious. Love the paints you picked! Gosh I haven't had a s'more in forever. mmm. Good luck with all the To Dos!

  2. girlie you have been a busy busy bee with all the wedding planning -- it's no wonder blogging has taken a back seat for now! hope everything is going wonderfully :)

  3. No worries - you're a busy, lady!! Those TJs granola bars sound good! Hah, I love paint names AND funky marshmallows!

  4. Our bathroom is your blue color and cream. I love it! It isn't feminine or too masculine. It is light and relaxing.

    Good luck with the fun of home- ownership. We're painting the house we're buying right now. Fun. fun. :)

  5. berries are amazing:) i'm going nuts too! i did finally make it to the north end though--yey :) that salad looks TO DIE FOR! have a great time this weekend ;)

  6. I love you regardless. You are in the midst of life-changing stuff, here, Bridget! No worries about blogging.

    I am so happy about your house stuff. Paint colors and even toilets excite me. appropriate for the foodblog world!

    love, amy

  7. I like reading about the joys of home ownership and I like the oasis feel you're going for!

    Have fun at your shower this weekend. I hope you are not doing too much work for it!

  8. Whoa, green and purple marshmallows? I need those!

  9. Can't wait to feast in the North End with you :D!!! Your weekend sounds great can't wait to hear everything...ahhhh I'm so glad we met and that u came, my mom has been gushing about it all day haha.

  10. ooh, i am jealous of you getting to eat that salad, it looks amazing. and colorful s'mores, yum!

  11. You have been busy! :) I like the blue best too.
    And smores, yum yum :D

  12. OMG, that goat cheese is amazing!

    Yeah on that much closer to your wedding! :D