Friday, July 10, 2009

Sun? Is that you??

Oh yes! It's SO nice out today and the forecast looks incredible for the weekend :) It's about damn time! My yard is becoming a swamp with all the rain we've had.

Let's see whats been going on in the life of B-dubbs (one of my nicknames in case your wondering haha)

I've had one of those weeks where I really tapped into the freezer for my lunches to bring to work. Luckily we have a panini maker at work where I can nicely grill up these bad boys:
Yes that would be my lunch for Monday and Tuesday! Those black bean burgers are my favorite! So tasty with a little sour cream and salsa (packed in their own individual condiment containers of course), and served in a pita.
On the side I cut up whatever veggies I found in the fridge. One day happened to be carrots (orange and yellow), and green beans.
Another day was the colorful carrots and bell pepper slices...rainbow!I also came up with a KICK ASS Italian style breakfast sandwich for dinner one night too!
Started with the heal slice of Arnold Double Protein Bread...toasted
  • Then I cracked 1 egg into a small pan with cooking spray
  • Then I added some Tuscan seasoning to the egg!
  • Onto the toast went a garlic and herb laughing cow wedge spread
  • top with sliced tomato
  • egg
  • another tomato slice
  • and finally a slice of prosciutto!
  • serve open face
  • enjoy.
  • SOOOOOO good!!!!!!!
I enjoyed this with a little salad of green leaf lettuce, tomato, and from frozen corn kernels! Topped with some olive oil and balsamic.
So I finally gave in to all the hype about the Amazing Meal stuff, and combined with Jenna's coupon code...I couldn't say no!

Ok so I bought a packet once to try and made a typical green smoothie, but thought the Amazing Meal gave it way more of a chalky weird taste.
However I STILL ordered the 2lb canister?! No fear, I had a plan.
Since my special order came in an inconspicuous package I didn't have any measurements to go by. So I used 1 T of Amazing Meal + 1 T of my Vanilla protein powder.

Also into the blender went:
  • 3/4 cup skim milk
  • 3 frozen strawberries
  • 2 slices of frozen banana
  • 2 kale leave
  • both powders
This was actually quite delicious...the vanilla protein powder counteracts the weird texture of the Amazing Meal, but I felt great knowing I was getting the benefits of that lovely greenish powder :)

Other items included many breakfasts similar to this:

Lots of Yogurt and Berries this week ;) ...and the last of the homemade granola.
I just can't help's berry season and they are so inexpensive! I am constantly buying strawberries :)
Tomorrow is my Hair Trial for my wedding day hair style!!!!! I'll try to post pics...that is if I like it haha.

Then tomorrow night is one of my friends Bachelorette party in Boston...we have a fun party bus!


  1. Do yellow carrots taste like orange ones? Ive never seen them before

  2. Good luck wiht the hair trial - I would LOVE to see pictures!!

  3. Those little black bean burgers are awesome and Newman's Own salsa is my favorite! Great lunchy. Good luck with the trial, please do post pictures!!

  4. I can't believe your work has a panini maker.

    Have fun w/ your hair trial!

  5. Woohoo for hair trial and a bachelorette party! This weekend sounds like fun for you!!

    I love the red bell peppers :)

  6. I've never tried Morningstar burgers, but you make them sound good!

    Have so much fun this weekend! :)

  7. sun?! whats thats?! ;) glad it's shining brightly for ya girl!

    i LOVE those black bean burgers -- and topped with salsa i bet their awesome!

    I'd love to see some pics of your hair :)! good luck!

  8. The EATS look great. Have fun with the hair testing. Can't wait to see pictures. Enjoy the party! Live it up!

  9. hair trial pics please! hope it went well!

  10. i know, LOVE the sun!!! lovely eats, i'm enamored by your carrots :) and i have one slice of prosciutto left from yesterday, and now i know what to do with it!

  11. those black bean burgers are my favorite too! yumm :)

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