Sunday, July 17, 2011

Roof Decking & Baby Showering

This is more of a weekend update post…hence the super random title.  Sometimes I’d rather just have titles like this (straight and to the point), rather than “clever” titles that leave you confused as to what the post is about.   Showering on a Roof?…not so much.


Friday was a gorgeous day in the Boston area.  Temps were warm, but not unbearably hot like other recent days (and today!).

The day started as many others do…with a yogurt bowl:


The peaches lately have been DELICIOUS!  They aren’t local quite yet (I think these were from Georgia), but that’s not going to stop me from enjoying them!


  • 0% Greek Yogurt
  • honey drizzle
  • chopped fresh peach
  • sliced almonds
  • crumbled piece of Nature’s Valley honey oat bar

…and the day ended like this:


Brian has been working at his company’s Boston office for the past couple months, and Friday was his last day there before they move to their new office back our in the ‘burbs.

I decided to meet him in the city to grab dinner!

I’ve recently seen many of my favorite local bloggers talking about the roof deck at the new Legal Harborside down in the Liberty Wharf/Seaport area in Boston. 

Most of these blog posts have also included lobster rolls, which is what I had my mind set on for Friday night. 

Of course, gorgeous night in the city + new fabulous roof deck = line out the door. 

We weren’t really in the mood to wait in line, we more so just wanted some dinner so we opted to sit at one of their kitchen bar seats on their first floor.

The new Legal Harborside has 3 floors:

  1. First floor is standard Legal Seafood's menu, with a bar area, lots of tables overlooking the harbor, and a take out area.
  2. Second floor is fine dining, with a new menu.  Still lots of tables with great views
  3. Third is the largest open air roof deck in the city!  The roof even retracts, and the “walls” (all window) can close so this area can still be open in the winter!  On this floor you can order off a limited bar menu.

We ate:

photo (1)

Lobster roll for me with a side of spinach instead of fries…  classic, delicious, but next time I’m ordering this:

photo (2)

The Portuguese fisherman's stew!  I stole numerous bites from Brian…it was DELICIOUS!  So flavorful!!

As we’re paying our bill, I start listening in on our waiter telling the guys next to us about the roof deck.  He noticed I was listening and asked if I had been up there…I told him that was our plan but we didn’t feel like waiting in line tonight…

Then he told us to come with him :)


Roof Deck!!


BIG thank you to our waiter!!

Unfortunately I  didn’t even take any photos of the decor, but it was very classy and relaxed up there.  It’s actually really nice how they don’t let a ton of people in at once…it wasn’t overly loud or crowded.

There were many tables, couches, and stools to sit at and view out at the harbor. 


We could even hear the Peter Frampton concert going on at the Pavilion next door!



We just relaxed with a drink for another hour and watched the sky turn into a beautiful sunset


Dear Roof Deck, I will return. 


My friend, Erin’s, baby shower!!  I love showers :)



IMG_0092 IMG_0090    
Me and mommy-to-be


college roomies… (minus 2)


And a delicious lunch at Restaurant 45 in Medway, MA.


  • Antipasto salad
  • chicken, broccoli, ziti
  • rice
  • steak tips with onions and mushrooms
  • baked stuffed shrimp

It was all so good! 

Then cake of course:

Happy Shower Erin!  Can’t wait to meet the little princess!!


Showers…love ‘em?  Hate ‘em?  I love planning them the best!!

Sunday, was not nearly as interesting:  Breakfast, dance rehearsal, grocery shopping…etc. 

How was your weekend??


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely evening at Legal! My Legal post is going up tomorrow. :) The roof is really lovely, and I think it's great that you can hear concerts up there.

  2. ow! That lobster roll looks fantastic! My friend is getting married on the cape next year and we're already planning on coming up early so we can get lobster for dinner one night :) Yum! And the shower looks awesome- such cute cookies! I love some showers...others can be too much :)

  3. Those views are stunning. And I love all the pink at the shower!

  4. I love the roof deck at Legal Harborside! I'm glad you enjoyed your meal there as much as I did!

  5. Love that dress! Where is it from?

  6. Thanks Julia! The yellow and white dress is from Forever 21 actually!

  7. oh that roofdeck! i need to get there :) and since i'm now craving seafood, seems appropriate!

  8. Yay for getting a first class pass to the RD. You got fantastic pictures of the sunset - and lucky you that a concert was playing!!