Monday, July 11, 2011

Island Hopping

What can I say, I’m a lucky girl this summer!  First I was able to spend a week on Martha’s Vineyard with my bff and her family, and just recently Brian and I returned from 3 days on Nantucket!  This time we were able to stay with my aunt/uncle/cousins who rented a house for a few weeks :)
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My aunt & uncle used to have year-round house on the island when I was growing up and I was able to go much more frequently.  However, up until last year when Brian and I visited Nantucket for our first anniversary, I hadn’t been in over 10 years!! 
With only 3 days on island, we were always doing something fun and there was never a shortage of delicious food.  I know I’ve told you that I come from a family of great cooks!  That includes on vacation :)
I LOVED the house!  It was Nantucket meets French Countryside as far as decor goes.  I snapped some photos but you’ll have to excuse the mess…we were rolling 12-13 people deep at any given time!
IMG_0009  IMG_0004
LOVE LOVE the countertops…
That little wooden “shed” out there is actually the outdoor shower.  A MUST on a Nantucket vacation.  There is nothing like taking a nice hot shower out in the fresh air!  Wish I had one at home!!
Fresh bluefish we cooked for dinner with grilled veggies
The remains of clams “casino”…actually it’s clams “(my aunt/uncles’s last name)” as they are their version made with prosciutto!
Famous tomato basil eggs
The gist of this dish is: 
  • Heat some olive oil in a pan with a little garlic/herbs/salt+pepper
  • Add fresh sliced tomatoes, cook for a few min
  • Crack fresh eggs on top, cook to desired doneness
  • top with fresh basil
  • serve with toast
Wow.  This is Brian and my new favorite breakfast.
It reminded me of bruscetta + eggs.   SO good!
Monster-sized sandwich at the beach, from Something Natural
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Brian and I split that, it was roast beef on six-grain bread with all the fixin’s.  They make all their own bread…delicious. 
Salad on the ferry ride home
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Sadie and my cousin!  Sadie made Bromley seem huge when we got home!
Rolling 10-deep in the Suburban
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The water was actually REALLY nice!  Usually too cold for me, but I went in :)
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And last but not least…The Brewery!  You can read my full recap about Cisco from our trip last September.  One of the best spots on island!
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That was their Pechish Woods!  The newest member of their “Woods” series.  Like the Cherry Woods, it’s also a sour ale, but the peach wasn’t as prominent as the cherry is.   Still loved it.
Also fell in love with their Triple 8 Distillery’s Blueberry Vodka.  This is unlike any “blueberry” vodka you’ve ever had.  It tastes like fresh blueberries, and that color is all natural.
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Perfect with club soda and a splash of lemonade.  Definitely bought a bottle to bring home. 
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Well I think that about sums it up!  Fun, family, food, beach, beer…am I missing anything? 
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Till next time…


  1. I love Nantucket! Looks like you had such a fab time!

  2. I agree there's nothing like an outdoor shower on vacation!

  3. Gosh, Nantucket is beautiful. I haven't been in years.

    I grew up with an outdoor shower, they are absolutely a must on cape cod in the summer time! even when my mom and dad moved out of our childhood home, it was my mom's #1 priority to have one installed outside her new house.

  4. It looks like you had a fantastic time in ACK! I adore outdoor showers on vacation, especially in Ogunquit or at MV!

  5. LOVEEEEEEEEE Nantucket! I actually like it much better than the vineyard. What a fun trip. That egg dish looks amazing. You and your man always look like you're having a blast!

  6. Omg that house is adorable! And I want those donuts!!

  7. Aww I haven't been to Nantucket in SO long, but now I'm totally craving it! Reallyyy want to visit Cisco... And I definitely need to try the Triple Eight Blueberry... I love their vanilla!


  8. I have to admit as awful as it sounds to say, I don't often miss New England. But I did when you wrote this post. My ex's family had a family friend who would let us stay at their amazing summer home on Martha's Vineyard and it was always a highlight. And I agree. Gorgeous counters!

  9. I do that with my dog too!!

  10. oh man, that looks like such a fabulous few days!! love :)