Sunday, July 31, 2011

Brunching on Boston Harbor

I’m on a boat…

Actually I was on a boat twice in the past 4 days!  I had some great opportunities to really enjoy the beauty of Boston harbor.

My first boating adventure was Thursday night.  It was my company’s summer outing and we took a ferry to Spectacle Island for a clambake!

I didn’t take any food photos, but got some great shots of the sunset. 




Summer Shack caters these events, and Jasper White was even at this one!  There he is below, piping whipped cream onto the strawberry shortcakes (which were really good btw).

IMG_0403    IMG_0415

Coming back into the city in the dark was gorgeous too!


  It was a fun night with my new co-workers!!

The next trip out to sea was earlier today!

I was lucky enough to win a spot on the Boston Bruncher’s July brunch on The Odyssey…a Boston harbor cruise


We also each got to bring a guest!  I was so excited to finally bring Brian along to one of these awesome brunches!

We started on one of the lower levels of the ship, where we had 4 tables to work with and a large buffet of food at our disposal!



Usually with brunch buffets I always start with “breakfast” and then have “lunch”. 

Started with a mimosa and coffee of course.





My first plate was filled with breakfast goods to try out…  I only ate about 2/3 of this.


Here we have some:

  • pastry
  • bacon
  • homefries
  • scrambled eggs
  • waffle piece
  • salmon/capers/onion

It was your standard breakfast fare.  I really liked the potatoes, bacon, and smoked salmon with capers. 

I was REALLY excited to see chocolate chips as a topping option for the waffles…I grew up putting choc chips on my waffles and pancakes, and you never see that at restaurants unless they are cooking into the batter.  However I was a bit disappointed that they only had fake “maple” syrup, and the whipped cream was more or less Cool Whip…not my thing. 

Breakfast is usually my thing, but I actually enjoyed their lunch foods way more. 


Plate 2:


  • fruit
  • Caesar salad
  • Penne primavera
  • grilled veggies
  • Maple-glazed chipotle chicken
  • a slice of sirloin from the carving station


Again, classic buffet items, but I was really enjoying this plate!  I think my favorite was that maple-glazed chipotle chicken!

The best part was that after we ate, we had almost another 2 hours to go up to the open air decks, grab a drink, and enjoy the views as we cruised around the harbor.


I was also excited to catch up with some of my favorite local bloggers.


Elizabeth!!  Brian and I had a great day chatting with her and her boyfriend!! 

Also got to see Megan, Daisy, Bianca, Renee, and meet Stephanie


There was also a boat parade going on…anyone ever heard of a boat parade??


More views…




After spending enough time in the heat of the sun, a few of us headed back down to our tables for some AC, drinks, and dessert. 

IMG_0441 I had a few bites of a chocolate cake that hit the spot, and a really yummy lemon poppy seed cake!

Overall it was such a nice and relaxing day, and beautiful weather to spend some time outside in the sun with the sea breeze.

The food wasn’t anything spectacular, but I think The Odyssey would be a great idea for a special night out, or a fun event with friends!  It’s a different way to enjoy Boston, and I think for their dinner cruises you can get dressed up :) 

Disclosure:  This brunch was provided free of charge for me and my guest!  We only paid for any drinks we consumed on the other decks of the boat. 

Thank you SO much to The Odyssey Boston and Boston Brunchers for such an enjoyable Sunday!


  1. I pretty much felt the same way as you about the food. Liked the lunch items a little more. I mostly enjoyed all the time we got to spend in the sun! It was good to see you, and I hope to see you again soon!

  2. Your work event sounds fabulous! Mm strawnerry shortcake! And im telling you, boston bloggers get the hookup! Ive been on a similar cruise. It was a lot of fun but the food was kind of meh. Hope you have a good week

  3. Always great to see you! And wow! Your work throws one nice outing event! Love it!

  4. It looks like you had a phenomenal weekend! It was great to run into you (such a small world) at BB&B!

  5. such a nice day to be on a boat! great to see you and meet Brian!

  6. I am so sad I was gone this weekend!! Both cruises look like so much fun. Love that dessert buffet!

  7. I love that you went on two boars this weekend! Looks like so much fun :)


  8. Fab pictures:) I had a blast with the chocolate chips as well!

  9. looks like a wonderful time! congrats on the new job, too (sorry i'm a bit behind), hope things are going well :)