Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Terrace at Avenue One: A Hidden Oasis


Nestled right in the heart of downtown Boston, just steps from Downtown Crossing and the Common is the Hyatt Regency.   Sure I’ve seen it before in passing (it’s right near the Opera House which I frequent every Nutcracker Season!), but I just have never thought to visit their restaurant!

Luckily for me, Boston Bruncher’s June Brunch was a $25 ticket to a lovely brunch buffet on the Terrace at Avenue One!  I made sure to sign up right away as I did not want to miss this.

Little did any of us know that hidden in the middle of this large hotel building was a beautiful outdoor patio.  The surrounding buildings help to muffle the noise of the city, creating a relaxing place to grab a drink after a hectic day at work. 



We lucked out on Sunday.  Not only did we get to have an incredibly relaxing dining experience on a beautiful sunny Boston morning, but we were able to try out the executive chef’s brand new brunch menu that doesn’t debut until next month!

After mingling and enjoying a mini strawberry banana smoothie…



…it was time to learn about what we were about to eat!IMG_9774

Chef Kelly Armetta explained that the new Hyatt menu will be focusing more on regional, seasonal, and local foods!  Which means each Hyatt around the country will have their own unique menu based on what is available to them.      

They also appease to their international guests, such as the delicious array of meats and cheese typically found on breakfast plates in Europe… I always loved that about Europe.




Also thinking of their health conscious and dietary restricted guests….


That gluten free granola was AMAZING!  I kind of regret not filling my purse with some before I left ;) 


Granola atop plain Greek yogurt and homemade blackberry jam.




A healthy brunch option: their salad of arugula, prosciutto, Marcona almonds, and fruits topped with a poached egg.       



Their house omelet with caramelized onions, roasted mushrooms, and cheddar was incredibly flavorful.




Fresh pastries and juicy fruits!





Decadence in pancake form:


That would be pancakes topped with espresso chocolate sauce, shaved chocolate, and white chocolate butter!!   

Luckily I convinced someone to eat half


If I have to pick my winner of the morning, it would hands down be the Lobster Eggs Benedict (shocking right?). 


On top of toasted Pilgrim Bread (which they make in house using whatever grains, seeds, and nuts are available on any given day), Cobb Bacon (cured on corn cobs!!), poached egg, and chive hollandaise.  

sadly my Benedict toppled over right as I was about to shoot this photo


However, as you can see…crisp bacon, big chunks of fresh lobster, and that hollandaise sauce was amazing.  This has to be one of the best Benedicts I’ve ever had! 

For a solid 2 hours, we relaxed, mingled, ate, ate some more, maybe went back up for thirds, and just had a wonderful time on the Terrace.

It was great to catch up with some of my favorite Boston bloggers, like Elizabeth! IMG_9790
fun fact: we are going to be roomies at the Healthy Living Summit this year! 

While they don’t yet offer brunch on the terrace to the public,
the Terrace is:

  • Open Tuesday – Friday from 5pm to close 
  • Live music every Thursday and Friday
  • Daily Happy Hour specials from 5pm-7pm”
    • $4 Chef’s seasonal bites
    • $4 Dos Equis draft

I don’t work in the city, but if I did I would most definitely check out the Terrace after work this summer!!  Or if your heading into the city for a show, this would be a fantastic pre-theater snack and drink!  

Then you can return to Avenue One on a weekend to take advantage of that delicious brunch menu.

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  1. What a great looking brunch? I would be all over that cheese, the granola and the omelets! Yum! I love all of the Boston blogger friendly events

  2. The meats and cheeses were my favorite too! I can't wait until this brunch is up and running so I can go back again...I never did get any of the strawberry tart....

  3. So great to catch up with you at brunch! I loved the coddled egg and the lobster Benedict.

  4. I would have paid good money to see you filling your handbag with granola... :)

  5. how fun you two are roommates for HLS! such a great menu we got to sample, I hope to get back for some $4 dos equis!!

  6. Fabulous photos, I want to relive the experience! I am so happy to hear that you frequent the Nutcracker every year! You have probably seen me on stage:)

  7. It was so great seeing you and I hope we can hang out more after my move!

  8. What a spread! Makes me so hungry looking at the pics though :)

  9. everything looks so fabulous!!! yum.