Thursday, June 16, 2011

Patio Party at Sam’s

First things first…
Congrats BOSTON BRUINS on winning the Stanley Cup!!!!!!

Being a Boston sports fan is an incredible thing.

It was also quite fitting that the beautiful weather came back upon us here in Boston yesterday and looks like it’s sticking around for a while!

I made sure to take advantage of the sunshine by packing up the dog and heading into Boston to meet Brian for lunch!

p.s. it is 100 times harder to find a parking spot during the week days!! 

We did finally park though, and walked over to meet Brian, and set out to get our lunch.  This was Bromley’s first trip to Boston and I think he really liked it!!

Happy Pup!  So many new hydrants and telephone poles to mark!

Brian is working down at his company’s Boston office for a couple months, and I think he’s really been enjoying being in the City during these beautiful spring/summer months!  He also scoped out some new-to-us restaurants, including the one I was craving yesterday…Sultan’s Kitchen. 

How have I never heard of this place before?!

I waited outside with the pooch, Brian ordered, and then we walked over to the Rose Kennedy Greenway to find a nice table outside.


We were right near this cool water feature/fountain that shoots water up from the ground.  Kids were having a blast trying to run through and beat the water before it came up again!


This place has some of the best hummus I’ve ever had!  I ordered the falafel, which comes with hummus and tabbouleh over lettuce and tomatoes, and pita bread on the side!   

It’s a ton of food (yay leftovers!), but SO SO good!!  Tons of flavor, and a little spicy kick. 

Brian ordered the beef kebab, which comes on rice with a side of salad with feta.


I stole many bites, but so did he.  We are good sharers :)

Sultan's Kitchen on Urbanspoon

Loved our lunch date!


I was craving sweet afterwards…shocking, I know.

I was good though, and managed to not buy anything and wait until I got home.

I decided watermelon was the perfect refreshing dessert after that salty/spicy lunch.


This watermelon was from Whole Foods and was exceptionally delicious!!!IMG_9569  

Literally about an hour later, I had to get changed and head into Boston again for another fun event outside!

I was invited to a patio party at Sam’s down on Fan Pier in Boston.  Sam’s is the restaurant located on the 2nd floor of the new Louis Boston on the waterfront, which is a high-end clothing store.

behind that industrial-looking building is the beautiful Boston harbor!

While I was deciding what to wear, I opted for a maxi dress as I figured it could be a little cooler down by the water.

I did try to maintain the Bruins colors though…Black and Yellow!


  1. Black SUPER SOFT maxi dress – Target!  It’s simple, racerback, and so so comfortable.  Go get it, it’s in stores now!
  2. yellow scarf – Forever 21
  3. You can’t see, but I’m wearing my gold Greece sandals as well.

The patio was beautiful.  The decor was very modern, and they have sweeping views of the harbor and the city skyline.

(I stole these next few photos from Tina…Hope you don’t mind!  I somehow didn’t get any good ones of the scenery)
IMG_0007 (450x338)

IMG_0010 (450x338)

IMG_0017 (450x338)

I have a feeling this place is going to be packed this summer! 

All of the food was delicious too! 

I started with a cocktail made up especially for the event


This cocktail consisted of: Tequila, Cassis, grapefruit juice, club soda, and muddled cucumber and mint! Very refreshing!!

The food:

Pulled pork nachos with a pickled red cabbage.


Those were a quinoa salad with feta, nuts, and blueberries!  Love this!  I think this is one of those things I’d like to re-create at home!


Oh yes, Lobster BLT’s with candied bacon!


Pancetta braised endive with grapefruit and sesame brittle pieces


Jalapeño and Crab Rangoon's with sweet & sour plum gastrique.  These babies were creamy, spicy, crispy… just awesome.

Somehow un-pictured was the pistachio crusted lamb chop.  It was a little hard/messy to eat, but very tender and flavorful.  I love lamb.

The event was planned to celebrate a new season, new chef, and a new menu!  

It was also so nice to catch up with some of my favorite bloggers!!

Great talking with Tina, Susie, Chelsee, Daisy, Meghan, Elizabeth, and Christine!


It’s about time that all these new restaurants are popping up in this area.  The location is very easy to drive to, and they even have their own parking!!  BONUS!  Even still there are numerous large parking lots in the area where you can pay to park and for Boston, they are relatively cheap. 

It’s just great that these establishments are finally taking advantage of this huge area of Boston’s waterfront.  The views and atmosphere are amazing. 

I’d definitely recommend heading down to Fan Pier and grabbing a bite to eat and a delicious cocktail at Sam’s!

Sam's on Urbanspoon

Thank you, Sam’s, for a lovely evening!


  1. What a fun lunch! I always enjoy seeing the husband at unexpected times during the day. Greek food? Soo good! I cant wait to eat feta again. The blogger meet up looks fabulous. Great food, beautiful local. Adorable bruins themed outfit

  2. I really hoped to make it to Sam's yesterday - looks like a great time. Alas, work kept me late but glad you ladies had fun!

  3. such a fun time! great to see you!!

  4. So nice seeing you! I was loving the quinoa salad too

  5. That quinoa salad looks awesome. I love that you wore Bruins colors. Yay B's!

  6. I used to work super close to Sultan's Kitchen and I miss it a lot! Bret and I went to look at apartments after work so I didn't get to make the event but it looks like it was a great time...and everyone looks so pretty!