Saturday, June 18, 2011

Lucky & Dior Pretty Party

Don’t sleep in your make-up!  Ever!
I’ve always known this, but the point was really hit home Thursday night when a woman from Dior told us that for every night you sleep in your make-up without washing your face, it ages your skin 7 DAYS!!
7 Days people!!  I’ve never heard that before, but I think that was enough to scare anyone into spending the extra 2 minutes every night washing their face.
That was just one of the great tips I learned at the Lucky Magazine & Dior Pretty Party that was held at Bloomingdales on Thursday night.
I was invited by the lovely Amy of Stylish Year!  She’s one my new blog friends that I met at the Ann Taylor event last week.  I love meeting new blog-friends!!
I know I’ve mentioned my interest in fashion, and it’s true…
Long before I found a passion in food and healthy living (i.e. back before I ever lost any weight), I was still very much in love with fashion, clothes, shoes, and even make-up!
I was the first of my friends to really wear make-up.  Maybe it was the years of dance recitals, or maybe because my mom also loves new make-up, or maybe I just wanted to find a way to hide that awful teenage acne!  Who knows, but I’ve been wearing make-up since Middle School, and in college I was the resident “make-up artist”…still am sometimes ;)
For all those reasons, I was super excited about this event!!
It felt like a fun night out with the girls.  We were in a private area, closed off from the rest of Bloomingdales, with 6 or 7 Dior make-up artists at our disposal to teach us all about their products and then have fun trying them all on!!
They also had a lovely display of cheese, crackers, fruit, and mini cupcakes!! 
We all got a chance to be in the demonstrator chair, and I love when other people beautify my face!
First, however, we needed a blank canvas to work with so we were all instructed to remove our make-up!  Eeeek!!
Can’t believe I’m posting this, but here I am “au natural” … (I need to hit “publish” before I decide to get rid of this one!)
We used a great Dior product for this, it’s a cleanser/toner all in one.  You just put some on a cotton ball and wipe the day off your face. 
One of the women there said she keeps this on her nightstand for those tired late nights where the last thing she wants to do is wash.  Great idea!
We then applied some products from their Hydralife line including serum, eye cream, and moisturizer. 
We also used this special red bottle.
It’s a super serum that detoxifies your skin, as well as improves the power of any other skin care product you use!! 
This product was in development for 15 years!!
Then the fun part…the make-up!
One of my favorite products of the night was the Air Flash foundation.  We had the option of this or another, more everyday foundation.  I usually wear some sort of foundation so I wanted to try out the Air Flash. 
It’s a spray, that turns to powder once it hits your skin.  Since none of us were experienced enough with it to spray it directly on our faces, I was told to spray a big Kabuki brush and then apply.
In all of 20 seconds, it gave me a flawless complexion.
This would be a great product for a big night out, or a special occasion. 
After foundations, concealers, blushes, and bronzers…it was time for eyes! 
Eye make-up is my favorite!!  I love how you can transform and make your eyes POP with just a little color or liner!
In hindsight, I kind of wish I tried out more of an everyday palate that night as I am always looking for new “everyday” colors, but the greens were calling my name!
We did day make-up, and then transformed to night.  I don’t know if I’d wear this for everyday…maybe a random day I wanted something fun, but I loved how it looked for night!
Taking pictures of yourself in little mirrors is hard haha
This next one shows the eye make-up better.  The make-up artist “posed” me so it’s a little weird, but the best way to see it.
I started with that light green (in the center) over my lids.  The dark color in the bottom right is actually a liner you can use with an eyeliner brush. 
I took that liner, with a sponge-tip applicator and applied a thick line above my lash-line.  Then went over it with the light green again for a really cool effect.  I blended it well enough so you couldn’t tell it was a “line” just a darker color near my lash line that pops even more when I applied my black eye liner!
Note:  always start in the middle of the lid and blend outwards.
We added a purple, very lightly, in the crease which added a nice contrast, but you can barely see it in the pictures.
I also added that black sparkly shadow (above, center) over my black liner for a little extra drama.
On my lips there is Dior’s Lip Glow, Lip Maximizer, liner filled in all over my lips, and then gloss.
Way more than I would ever wear on my lips but it came out nice.
I ended up purchasing the Lip Glow
The other surprising fact we learned that night was how our lips can get addicted to chapstick!  The petroleum in most chapsticks prevent your lips from producing their own moisture so then you get dependent on it.
Sound familiar??  Most people I know are constantly applying the chapstick!  
I do believe this fact, as I remember my dentist telling me the same thing once when I had to scramble to find my chapstick before my teeth cleaning began for fear of dry lips!
Their Lip Glow, protects and moisturizes will also adding shine AND enhancing your lip’s natural color!
TRUE!!  We all tried it and it was amazing to see some of the girls lips became much pinker than others, and different shads of pink!
Once we were all done up, we were able to make any purchases we wanted with an extra special gift of $20 worth of Lucky-bucks to use that night!!
Thank you Lucky Magazine!  I purchased the Lip Glow and their famous Dior Show mascara!
P.S. this guy was basically the entertainment…he was hilarious all night
He gave a short shpeal on fragrance and I determined my favorite was J’adore!  Maybe that will be my next perfume :)
All the ladies of the evening
Some of the fashion/style bloggers in attendance were:
Our wonderful hostess Amy from Stylish Year!
Nicole Saylor
Katy Rose from Modly Chic
Brooke from wily Wiley
It was so great to meet these bloggers and the other women that were there! 
I had a blast and only wished I was going somewhere fun afterwards (instead of home to go to bed) with my make-up all done up!
Don’t worry I washed my face before bed ;)

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