Sunday, April 18, 2010

Kodiak Cakes

Normal Blogging resumes now…

I had a really big work-related “thing” on Friday that was pretty much consuming me, my life, and all free time for basically the whole week so I have to say that = blogging goes to the wayside.

However, said “thing” is OVER!!!  And I can have my life back, but apparently my brain was still mush because last night was my cousin’s wedding and half way there realized I had left my camera at home!!! NO!!!!!  So sad.

It was SO much fun though and I was dancing so much I was sweating…good thing because that was my first “workout” since Wednesday hehe.

As to not leave you with a post completely void of yummy food, we’ll talk Pancakes!

I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s seen those Kodiak Cakes in the blog world. 

Now usually I always make my own pancakes, and was never a fan of mixes.  However, I was intrigued about these because they were whole grain and all you had to do was add water!

So one day when they were on-sale through someone’s blog (I can’t remember who’s), I ordered them!


I got 2 boxes of mix + a bottle of their Red Raspberry Syrup!

(I’d also like to note that Brian was really excited to try these pancakes because of the awesome bear on the box haha)

The Raspberry syrup is delicious…tastes just like ripe juicy raspberries and not overly sweet!  IMG_8881

However I’ll always be a Maple Syrup girl.  I’ll save this raspberry stuff for other uses.

Yesterday morning I made up a batch for me and Brian and he made us some scrambled eggs to which I added some fresh chives.



Mmmmmm pancakes!  I know this looks like a lot, but that’s only about 200 calories worth of pancakes!!!  I make them small, but you do get a lot out of the batter.

Chocolate chips melted on top are a must for me :)


Cappuccino with cinnamon…


His and hers.  (sorry for the awful lighting in this pic?! I didn’t use the flash I swear)


Delicious and super fast pancakes!  I only wish they sold this mix in stores around here!!

I hope you’ve had a good weekend so far!   We are heading over to my mom’s for brunch in a few :)  Have a great Sunday!!


  1. So, I just made some pancakes for myself - but now that I see yours, that seem very inferior. Meh! Looks wonderful, my dear :)

  2. Those pancakes look amazing- I might have to make some of my own when I get home from my walk!

  3. Pancakes have to have chocolate chips, even if it's just a few.

  4. Glad you made it through the "thing" ;). I hate when work is stressful- blah! Josh and I love pancake nights and I usually make my own mix as well. However, I've heard so many good things about these kodiak cakes, I may just have to give them a try. Glad you had fun at the wedding. Oh and your homemade Cappuccinos always look amazing. I'm coming up to Boston in June to visit my sister. I'm hoping I'll have some free time for a meet up! Will keep you in the loop if you're interested

  5. I love the kodiak cakes too!!

  6. I see a lot of Kodiak cakes, they look great. I don't think we have that brand. Pancakes must have been the weekend theme, everyone seems to have had them!

  7. I have been debating the Kodiak mix forEVER!!! Yum! Does it have a whole wheaty flavor or does it make a light type of pancake?

  8. I love chives in scrambled eggs! Our garden is overrun with them in the summer, so they are perfect to throw in here & there!