Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New Post minus camera?

Well doesn't it figure when I get around to post I realize I left my camera at my friends place last night!!!

So I am starting this post this morning from work (hehe), and will post a follow up later when I get home because today is a busy day!

Leaving work early, then:
  • Going to get our marriage license
  • meeting the music director at the church
  • final walk through at our Reception site with our caterer and the site coordinator
  • visiting another potential rehearsal dinner site!
  • then I must hit the gym :)
As to not leave you entirely are a few from Brian and my friend's wedding we went to the other weekend (the same weekend as my shower)

On my way up to NH that Friday before the wedding, I stopped in Portsmouth for a little lunch for 1, and ended up at Popovers!This was INCREDIBLE - lobster salad in a popover, over mixed greens and asparagus:The Wedding Rehearsal:The bride had a cake made for the rehearsal in a replica of the grooms boat!! He loved it!Rehearsal dress: (we weren't in the wedding, but since most guests were up for the weekend everyone was invited. We matched and he had no idea what I was wearing haha!

(I'm kind of obsessed with my dresses from this weekend, not gonna lie)

Wedding Attire:The groom and his boys walking to the church:Bridesmaids!Beautiful Bride!The CeremonyHappy CoupleDinner was in the Tent
The Bride and I (ok clearly I've developed a "pose" haha)Mmmm caprese salad
All the UNHers!!! (the bride and groom as well as many of us went to UNH) And lots of this...
This wedding was SO fun! Lots of dancing all night long! Can't believe the next wedding I go to will be MINE!!!


  1. what an exciting day! Enjoy getting the license...makes it feel so real!! You looked SO pretty at both the wedding and the dress rehearsal! Love love both dresses. Adorable. Moz and tomato salad at a wedding? That rocks!

  2. Awww you two are just the cutest couple ever.

  3. I love love love your red dress. If you ever need to recycle it you know where to find me ;) What a wonderful wedding,yours will be just as great!

  4. Oh my god how exciting---plus I am in LOVE with your printed tunic dress! You look so gorgeous. I love the red one too!


    Those are really interesting color bridesmaid dresses - but I like them :)

  6. You definitely have a busy day. Fun though.
    Great dress!

  7. Love the dresses! And do I spy a flower in your hair at the wedding? So cute.

  8. UM i'm obsessed with your dresses too!! So excited for you, I'll be back in Bost next week...and then moving by Sept 1 yayyy!!

  9. Love your rehearsal dinner dress!