Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Last Shower of the Year...I hope!

A week and a half ago was my friend Jen's shower...she's on of my bridesmaids (remember the one who made my amazing cake favors!). I am also one of her bridesmaids and was also make the favors for her shower.

I opted for some nice chocolate truffles!

I made two kinds, using two recipes, and two different liquors as flavorings...although they flavor differences were very subtle.

First was a Barefoot Contessa Recipe using Grand Marnier, and the other was from my Tartine cookbook! And I added some Chambord to these.

There was a lot of this:And this:
And this for decorating:

The Chambord truffles got a pink drizzle while the Grand Marnier ones had a white drizzle.

It was a learning experience with the ganache fillings...I let them cool MUCH too long in the fridge and had a hard time forming the balls (hehe...yeah yeah I know, grow up!). But really...I ended up putting the bowls of cold ganche in the microwave for about 30sec to soften it up. Even then they did not make for very uniform truffles but oh well! Still tasted delicious.After chilling again overnight, it was time to melt that chocolate to dip... of course it was like the hottest day of the summer to do this which made for some melting ganache but oh well. It blended in with the dark chocolate coating.Then while still wet, I piped melted white chocolate to decorate.
They were a hit!

The shower was beautiful...and I even hired my aunt for her cake too! It was freaking fabulous!!!It was a white cake with 4 thin layers separated by raspberry preserves and Italian buttercream!

As fun as showers are I am SO glad its over for this year!!!!

A few days later I went to Jen's condo for a thank-you note writing party :)

We made an amazing spread for dinner:
  • cantaloupe wrapped in prosciutto
  • tomato, mozzarella, basil
  • pink lady apple slices sprinkled with feta and a tiny drizzle of balsamic!
PERFECT summer dinner for us!!

Well lets see whats happened in this past week:
  • Booked Rehearsal dinner site (finally!)
  • Make-up trial last night (yay!)
  • Met with florist again to review
  • re-picked linens...but not much changed
Need to:
  • finalize table numbers
  • order labels for candy bags
  • finish guest book!
  • get stuff for bathroom baskets
  • Pick more paint colors for the house!
Need to pick colors asap too because...I'm officially moving in Sunday!!!

Also can't wait for the Healthy Living Summit this weekend too!!!

T-25 days...


  1. WOW!! You did a fabulous job on the favors, they look beautiful! I can't believe your Aunt's cake as well- she is so talented. Glad the shower went well :)

    Good luck with all the wedding to dos!

    Have so much fun this weekend, I am super jealous!

  2. You did such an awesome job on the favors.
    I hear you on wanting the showers to be over for awhile- they are a lot of work!

  3. Amazing little truffles! And your aunt's cake creation looks divine, so I'm sure yours will too.

    All of this makes me excited for YOUR wedding. Make up trial? So fun i bet!

  4. Fabulous truffles!
    Another easy truffle recipe is to crush a bag of oreos (or Newman-o's) with 8 oz of cream cheese. Then dip them in melted chocolate. I highly recommend it.

  5. those truffles look great! and that cake is absolutely stunning! good luck with the move :)

  6. Those truffles look amazing! Makes me want to have a shower now :) Your blog is great, btw. I'm going to the Summit so I look forward to meeting your tomorrow. See you soon!

  7. WOW! Those truffles look amazing. Great job on the shower

  8. wow -- you did a great job on the favors girl! i hope you're available in about 7 years to do my wedding shower ;)!

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