Monday, May 14, 2012

Mom’s Tea and Relay Week!

Another rainy day here in Boston, but at least we were gifted with a gorgeous weekend to celebrate Mother’s Day!

My Saturday morning started out with a beautiful run with Elizabeth! We did one of my favorite running routes in South Boston along the water.


It was a tad warm as far as ideal running conditions go, but I couldn’t complain…it was so nice to feel the warm sun!

We did about 5.5 miles.


That was probably my last run before the Reach the Beach Relay this Friday!!!  I seriously can NOT believe it’s here already and I’m getting SO pumped!  The total of my 3 legs is 15.5 miles.  I haven’t had too many long runs these days but I’m confident that I’ll be just fine :)

Came home, showered, came out of the shower to find this furball on the living room chair…where he is NOT allowed, and he knows it.  Sly little guy.


He made himself quite comfy. 

That afternoon was my mom and my annual Mother’s Day tea!

Mother’s Day 2009 – The Taj
Mother’s Day 2010 – Boston Harbor Hotel
Mother’s Day 2011 – L’Espalier

And for Mother’s Day 2012 we did a repeat and went to L’Espalier again! 

We’ve gone to most all of the high teas in Boston…years before I had the blog of course, and once at Christmas Time.  So I feel like we now can repeat our favorites or go to another city :)

Honestly though, what made me pick L’Espalier again is their cheese tray!


In addition to the usual tea sandwiches and pastries you can also order a sampling of 5 cheeses with their accompaniments.

One new aspect of the tea this year though was that they now employ Tea Sommelier Cynthia Gold!  I remember her from tea at the Park Plaza hotel and at the time she was the only Tea Sommelier around.  So it was a nice surprise to see her at L’Espalier.  

The presentation started with a waiter pouring hot water into a wine glass at each of our table settings.  Confusing at first.

But then Cynthia came over with a hand tied flowering tea satchel/pod.  We were instructed to drop it into the hot water. 



We were told it would slowly open and gradually release 3 different type of flowering teas.

It was quite fun to watch it change over the course of our tea service.



For my  first tea from the menu I ordered the L’Espalier Afternoon BlendThis signature tea consists of a blend of Darjeeling and three Sri Lankan Estate teas as well as two Chinese green teas lightly scented with jasmine, Italian oil of bergamot, and grapefruit peel.

I loved this blend!


Although I think my favorite of the day was the Chefs Blend my mom ordered later.


Tea Sandwiches


As good as they were I was pretty disappointed we were missing the warm ham and cheese sandwich that was on last year’s plate.  But the crab salad was a nice change and I’m always happy when there is NO egg salad ;)



All were delicious except for the one on the far right.  It was a VERY strong blue cheese…clear your sinuses strong, and just not very pleasant to my mom and I.  Otherwise there was a mild creamy cheese made from a combo of goats, sheep, and cow’s milk; a soft goat blue, one in a gruyere style, another in the raclette family, and another sheep’s milk cheese I can’t remember. 


After the cheese and sandwiches were done it was Sweets time!


Very similar to last year, but delicious none the less.  At the top of that picture you can see the scones as well.  Served with Devonshire cream and jam.  I could just eat the scones and skip dessert entirely…so good. 

Delectable and Cute…


At this point we’re usually pretty full so we ended up bringing some leftovers home to Brian…lucky guy! 

Somehow missed a shot of mom and I :(  But did grab and outfit pic!


  • Blue Dress – H&M
  • Neon pink belt – Express
  • Sandals – Nine West (via Macy’s)


Loved that it was warm enough for bare legs AND arms!!

Speaking of mom… she’s going to be spending a LOT of time in Seattle this summer and into the Fall!!  No one in my family has ever been so we’re no help but do any of you know any good places out there??  Restaurants?  Must-see sites?  Stores?  Bakeries ;)?? 

Hope you all had a great Mother’s Day!  Especially my friends (blog and “real life”) who celebrated their first Mother’s Day this year!!


  1. Hey, Hi...I'm just a lurker, but I live in Seattle, so here are my thoughts...Everyone who visits Seattle goes to Pike market (a huge farmers' market with a long tenure) and there are a couple of recommendable bakeries in there.  Also at Pike is a cheese company called Beecher's Handmade cheese--very popular although not a personal favorite.  Also Flying Fish fish market and the original Sur La Table store and the original Starbucks location.  One restaurant that I like and find very charming is Cafe Juanita located just across Lake Washington.  For strolling and shopping, I enjoy University Village mall--it has the usual stores like Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn, etc. but also has water features, sculpture, and beautifully planted pots.  For a unique view of the city, check out Gas Works Park.  For someone who enjoys nature, check out the Marsh Island / Foster Island nature walk (often really, really, muddy so be prepared with boots or plastic shoes).  There are a lot of fun and unique things to do in downtown Seattle, but keep in mind that we have unique neighborhoods also--Fremont (quirky, off-beat, funky) and Capitol Hill (a bit more alternative) come to mind.  Victoria, BC and Vancouver are fun day-trips--for someone who enjoys High Tea, I am sure there are many options, but the Empress Hotel is famous for their offering.  Well, there are some of my ideas--I tried to stay away from the suggestions that weigh-down every guide book and tourist brochure and to offer, instead, some of the pastimes that I enjoy on a regular basis.

  2. Glad you had a nice run :) Franky is always sneaking up on the furniture hes not supposed to be on. The tea looks delicious. That swan is beautiful. CUTE outfit (as always). 

  3. FunandFearlessinBeantownMay 15, 2012 at 8:04 AM

    Good luck with the race, Bridget!

  4. Emily, Thank you SO much for all this great information!!  Very helpful!  We've already planned to go to high tea at the Empress Hotel when I come visit later this summer :)  Thanks again!!

  5. Your dress is so cute! And tea sounds like it was so much fun. The cheeses alone could draw me in.

  6. That cheese plate is to die for!! Seriously, what's better than cheese and tea?? Sounds like such a fun afternoon!