Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Eversave Mother’s Day promo + Protein Powder

First the winner of the $10 Eversave Reward is…

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:


Which would be Erica!! I need your email address that is tied into your Eversave account!  If you don’t have one yet, sign up HERE!

Eversave actually is having another promo this week!

This time in honor of Mother’s day:


“Better Together

Whether it’s a post-breakup pity party or a trip to the spa

some things are just better when Mom comes along.

Tell her how much she means to you.”

Now, you can win a save for a facial at Salon Kokopelli in Belmont, MA!!  You can purchase this save for $29…a $65 value, but you could just WIN the save without spending a dime by finishing the following:

Dear Mom,


Email your response to before 2 p.m. on Thursday, May 10th to enter.

Then, earn an extra entry by purchasing the  Salon Kokopelli Save on — if you win, you’ll get to spend some Q.T. with your best gal this Mother’s Day!  In simpler terms you can buy the save, get an extra entry, then if you win you’d have a free save to take a friend to the salon too! 

Added Bonus:  Any NEW Eversave member who signs up using this link, will automatically get $5 in his/her Eversave account!!  The $5 will be in your account for 60 days. 

AND they also have a $2 promo code for this Salon deal!  Enter the promo code MOM.  This code is good until Thursday May 10, at midnight EST. 

Phew that’s a lot of info!  If I didn’t explain anything clearly enough or you have a question please comment or email me!! 

Speaking of Mother’s Day…any plans?? I’ve been taking my mom out for High Tea for the past 5+ years…and I think we’ve exhausted most teas in Boston.  Hmmm.  Or if you’re a new mom (I feel like I know a lot of those right now), what are you doing different this year??

P.S. I’ve finally found a protein powder I like!!  Seriously it felt like the never ending quest.  Luckily Whole Foods carries some individual packets of a few brands so I could try them.  I never wanted to buy a big tub of something I had no idea if I liked. 

Well after all that I did finally go out on a limb and buy a container of this…


It’s Whole Food’s 365 brand so it was pretty economical.  It has 16 grams of protein and tastes great to me!!   I hate the taste of artificial sweeteners, and usually can’t even stand Stevia either.  This one does have some Stevia, but it for some reason doesn’t bother me.  I’ve found it nearly impossible to find a protein powder sweetened with a regular sweetener/sugar. 

Also love my new blender!


It’s basically the Cuisnart version of the magic bullet.    IMG_4253

Small, compact, easy to clean, and multiple containers to use. 


I’ve been enjoying these after my Crossfit workouts.  I also keep is SIMPLE:  frozen berries, milk or Almond Milk, and protein powder.  Done and Done.

Less than 2 weeks to Reach the Beach!!

I had a lovely 8 mile run Sunday!  There is a paved bike path from Lexington to BedfordI thought the paved path went all the way into Concord.  It doesn’t.  It changes to an unpaved rail trail. 


So more than half of my run was like this.  Very pretty, scenic, but probably won’t do that again alone…there were a few times I found myself by myself on the trail.

Either way I felt great through the 8 miles!! 

Nice full post jam-packed with randomness…Happy Tuesday!  Possible discussions…  Mother’s Day ideas??  Fav protein powder??  Running trails??


  1. What a gorgeous run! Thanks for the win!! Unfortunately, they aren't in SC :(. My favorite protein powder is myofusion. The chocolate peanut butter is awesome and so is the vanilla. 

  2. That blender looks awesome, love the "Crushes Ice"!