Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Radius Burger. Finally.

Last Thursday was a really fun day!  Even with work mixed in ;)

I was headed to a “ladies night” with some lovely bloggers later that evening at Aragosta, but first I had a date with mom…

My mom came into the city to meet me for lunch!  Ever since I started working in the city, I’ve wanted to be able to enjoy the lunch menu at some of the top restaurants in the city that I have only ever dined at for dinner before.  You get the beautiful atmosphere and superb service with, generally, a smaller bill at the end of your meal.  However most of those restaurants only offer lunch on weekdays.

Finally it was time!  I actually had a tough time deciding where to go, but I am really happy I went with one of my first thoughts…Radius


I haven’t been to Radius in years…Brian took me there on one of my birthdays, definitely before we were married…or even engaged.  I’ve been wanting to go back, specifically for a reason though: The Radius Burger!

I’ve read and heard so many amazing things about that damn burger, and was just waiting for the right time to try it!  Ideally, my “right” time would be with someone who would split it with me as I’ve also heard it’s pretty substantial.

I called ahead a few minutes before we arrived, just in case we’d need a reservation.  Though we got a table with no problem, it was pretty packed for a random Thursday lunch!  Business suits everywhere I looked…Radius is definitely a “power lunch” spot, or in our case a “special” lunch.

It took a bit of time before our waitress even brought the menu’s over (my only complaint of the day was the service…not bad, per se, but not what I’d expect from a place like that). 


Anyways, we both started with a fresh roll and some iced tea.  Not only did they bring over the usual options for sweeteners, but also a small pitcher of sugar water!  How clever!!  I’m sure you know, but sugar doesn’t dissolve very fast in cold drinks so sugar water /simple syrups are better.  I love when restaurants pay attention to little details like this.


I talked up the burger to my mom on the way, and it took little convincing to determine our order…The Radius Burger and their High Street Salad.  We shared both.

It can never hurt to mention you’re sharing.  In our case they, pre-portioned the burger for us, serving us each out own plate with half a burger and our own fries and ketchup.  Seeing other burgers go by, i realized we each received full servings of fries!


LOVE those mini copper pots the fries came in!

So this burger… the menu describes it with Vermont cheddar, crispy onions, and horseradish sauce.

What it really is, is a perfectly cooked, juice 9 oz burger, topped with melted aged cheddar cheese, a mild and creamy horseradish sauce, and thin crisp onions! 

I was debating on medium vs. med-rare.  Mom wanted medium, so we went with that and I”m glad we did.  They air on the rarer side it seems.  It was perfect for me.

I was pleasantly surprised by the horseradish sauce!  I’m not a huge horseradish fan, but it’s oh so subtle that I almost forgot about it.  For a moment I thought it was another creamy cheese on the burger…with a hint of horseradish.  I loved it. 


1/2 of that beauty was perfect.  I think I would have been overly stuffed if I ate a whole one…that is one big burger!!  The fries were also delicious, crisp, and not greasy. 

Also if you’re a ketchup lover, I’d urge you to try a few bites of the burger before immediately adding ketchup…the flavors are so amazing on their own.  I tried it with ketchup, but it totally overpowered everything.


Oh right!  We ordered a salad too!  Not that it wasn't good, but it was nothing compared to the burger.  This was a beautiful chopped salad with lots of different veggies, cheese, and pieces of meats as well, all in a light vinaigrette!

I wasn’t wild about it, but it was good and would make a good meal on it’s own.  Next time I’d try just their seasonal greens salad to accompany the burger.    

Radius on Urbanspoon

With a full satisfied belly, I headed back to work with the anticipation of another fun time to be had later that evening.

I had intended to focus this post on my dinner/ladies night…but apparently I had a LOT to say about that burger!  Well, it’s that good.

I forgot to get a photo of mom and I  unfortunately, but I did get an outfit shot later at home :)


It’s all about the tights!

  • cream cardigan: Banana Republic
  • light pink top: F21
  • purple skirt: Banana
  • grayish/purplish lace tights! : Nordstrom
  • Navy wedges: Nine West (from Nordstrom)
  • Gold belt: grandmother
  • gold shell necklace: other grandmother :)

So, have you tried the Radius burger??  Or where is your favorite burger from??


  1. I have been having a random craving for a burger and now i realllly want one! The fries look amazing too

  2. That burger looks like heaven! What kind of cheese do you think was on there?

  3. I haven't tried the Radius burger but I really want to! I really like the Kingston Station burger.

  4. This looks soooo good! I never get to this neck of the woods but should just for the burger. Sidenote about burgers: I went to Catalyst again last weekend and had one. It was WAY undercooked. Really disappointing after our great meal there a few weeks ago.

  5. Jeff: It had cheddar cheese, but that horseradish sauce was almost like another cheese :)

    Emily: That's such a bummer about Catalyst!! I know I've been dying to get back there for some pasta!

  6. I absolutely love the Radius burger. I would agree, they tend to cook it more on the rare side. Considering how expensive (and huge) it is, it makes perfect sense to split it!

  7. Twice during the year, Radius discounts their burger to half off. If memory serves, it happens in January and July. It's a very good burger for $20, it's an incredible burger for $10.

  8. love the idea of splitting! and now i'm craving a burger :)

  9. I still haven't tried the Radius burger but definitely want to. My favorite burger is from Craigie on Main!

  10. That looks like one amazing burger. I've been trying to convince Jeff that we should go there and try it. I'll have to show him your pictures. :)

  11. That's so fun you got to have a weekday lunch date! Those fries look fabulous

  12. Such a cute outfit! I love textured tights!!

    I have not been to Radius yet but have heard great things. It is right near my office and people go there all the time. You should check out Miel in the Intercontinental. I really love it there!

    XO lamb loves