Friday, October 28, 2011

Ladies Night @ Aragosta

Where was I?  Oh right, it was Thursday and I was spending the afternoon back at work hoping my appetite would return after eating that delicious delicious burger…

Luckily I had a busy day at work, a walk to the North End, a 15-min chair massage, and a polish change to help me work my appetite back up.


You see, that same Thursday I was heading over to Aragosta for their Bella Notte Thursdays, Ladies Night, with a group of some of my favorite blogging gals.  Aragosta is in the beautiful Fairmont Battery Wharf, right on the water in the North End, and even though it’s technically in the North End it’s in a much quieter location away from all the hustle and bustle. 

The lovely Lindsey from Beantown Eats organized a small group of bloggers to get together for a fun girls night. 

I was the first to arrive as I was told from 5:30 – 6:30pm, on Ladies Night (which is every Thursday, by the way), they will offer free polish changes and chair massages!

The newest Exhale Spa opened up right next to the Fairmont earlier this year, and a nail technician and a masseuse had themselves a little set up right in the hotel lobby/lounge area.   I immediately put my name in for a polish change as they only have 4 spots each time they come.  I wasn’t planning on the massage, but as I was waiting I was told they had an opening so I decided why not!

(note massage chair in the background) 

It was slightly awkward getting into the massage chair while wearing a skirt, in front of everyone in the lounge, but I soon forgot all about that.  I quick arm, back, and neck massage was JUST what I needed.  So good in fact, that I am thinking about going back to Exhale for a full massage!   

At this point I heard the other girls arriving, but I had a polish change after the massage.

Done and done!  I went with an Essie color, not sure the name, but it was a light grey shade. 


Oh right, back to the food!

The premise of Ladies Night, is that for $20 you order one cocktail and one appetizer!  It’s obviously best if you are with a friend or 2 (or 6) and you can each order something different to try.  The appetizers are a good size as well, perfect for sharing. 


I started with their light margarita, it reminded me of a Skinnygirl :)  I don’t think this cocktail was on the Ladies Night menu, but I ordered it earlier in the lounge.


All the drinks looked and sounded great


Eventually we decided to go sit, and were led over to the chef’s table/bar!  This was a 7-seat bar area set up right in front of the kitchen where you can watch all the action!  I love watching chefs make the food!!IMG_1419  IMG_1417

We were lucky this night.  We didn’t just have to choose 1 appetizer.  The chef was going to just bring out a few dishes of various items so we had a good sampling of what the menu has to offer :) 

To start was some addicting bread…IMG_1426

super crisp and crusty but oh so soft on the inside!  With olive oil/olives.

The first item to come out (and my favorite of the night) was the Truffle Rigatoni, Warm Goat Cheese Fondue


This was the only item where we were served half portions.  The chef didn’t want us to get full off the first bite, as it’s so rich.

Honestly I didn’t notice the truffle, but this was the most incredibly cheesey bite of pasta EVER.  I had one single piece of rigatoni, but it was stuffed with cheese and surrounded by warm melty goat cheese.  I want a whole plate please. :)


Next, and another favorite, was the Margherita Flatbread, Torn Burrata, Fresh Basil

Simple, yes, but everything just tasted so fresh!  Those tomatoes were just sitting in a bowl on the counter when we first arrived, and then they ended up on our plate.  The burrata was soft and creamy, and the crust was super thin and crisp. 

Next was Lobster and Truffle Crostini, White Bean Puree.  I love all the components separately, however I just wasn’t a fan of this one.  The flavor of the lobster and the truffle seemed to just be fighting each other and it wasn’t pleasant for me.  Oh well, can’t love them all :)


I did love watching the action in the kitchen…


Baked Veal and Pancetta Meatballs, Soft Polenta, Fresh MozzarellaIMG_1443

Love the presentation.  Delicious meatballs once I got over the fact of eating veal (I know I know, it’s just a psychological thing).

Lindsey’s beautiful cocktail:


Gorgeous platter of a Hand Crafted Selection of Salumi, Caponata, and Hot Cherry Peppers


I enjoyed some of the meats with the soft bread from the beginning of the meal.

Finally we ended with Warm Black Mission Figs wrapped in Proscuitto, Gorgonzola Dolce. 


Sweet and salty with a pungent taste from the gorgonzola.  Very flavorful!  We also noticed how popular these were!!  We saw many orders of these figs go out of the kitchen while we were there!     

It was a fabulous night with some fabulous ladies: Lindsey, Megan, Elina, Meghan, Daisy and myself!  Lots of chatting and enjoying delicious food and drinks!  Everyone at Aragosta and the Fairmont were very welcoming and I’d love to return with some friends!  They even have outdoor events in the winter!!  Heat lamps, blanks, and fondue??  Sign me up!    

All in all last Thursday was the highlight of my week!


  1. So good to see you last Thursday! I love that you took full advantage of the spa services beforehand!

  2. I feel like the Essie color might be...Chinchilly? (I have it at home, or one very similar!)

    So great to see you, this was a fun ladies night!

  3. I love the nail color! This is such a great concept!

  4. What an event! Spa services and yummy food- I'm in! Especially for that flat bread.

  5. That's pretty fabulous that you got a fresh coat while you waited for bites and drinks!

  6. Love your nails, I've been wanting a colour like that for ages! Might need to grow my nails first...
    This looks like a really lovely evening, I'd love to have little nibbles of lots of different dishes.
    The Margherita Flatbread, Torn Burrata, Fresh Basil and the Lobster and Truffle Crostini with White Bean Puree look particularly delicious!

  7. I really love Aragosta! I have been there for dinner once but been there a bunch to get drinks! They have one bartender who seems to always be there and he is awesome. It is a great summertime hangout. So glad you loved it too!

    XO lamb loves