Sunday, October 9, 2011

Flowy Skirts, Friends, and Fun Stuff

Funny how my outfit posts can be directly related to my mood.  I realized I haven’t posted an outfit in a while, nor have there been as many outfits that are making me want to take awesome bathroom self-portraits ;)  This usually means…crappy weather, stress at work, or a combination of the two! 

Not that I’m dressing like a bum on those days, but just not as excited about it. 

I do have 2 to share though, and noticed they both involve somewhat flowy, fuller skirts instead of my usual more pencil-esque work skirts.


  • black skirt, champagne top, and cream colored cardigan:  all from Banana Republic (I think the top and skirt were outlet though)
  • gold belt: Gap
  • shoes: Nine West (so old, heal is so worn, need to throw these out, but until I find suitable replacements they are staying!)


The next, is similar…shocking right.  I found this super fun hot pink chiffon skirt at Old Navy recently and was dying to wear it but didn’t want to “waste” it on just a day at work.

Good thing there was a Blogger Bash at MJ O'Conner's Wednesday night! 


  • Hot Pink skirt: Old Navy
  • Black Cardigan: Old Navy
  • cream t-shirt:  Banana Republic
  • Black tights: DKNY from Nordstrom
  • Black patent leather heals: BCBG Girls
  • Red belt and gold bracelet: my Grandmother’s
  • black pashmina: hmm, possibly an airport somewhere


I would definitely label this is a “party” skirt :)

Speaking of the Blogger Bash, this one was organized by Boston Food Bloggers which is run by Rachel!


There were some tasty hors d’ourves as well as delicious beer and other drinks!

pulled pork slider


Chicken Teryaki



Saranac Pumpkin with a cinnamon sugar rim.  I had two of these they were so good!  Although the cin-sugar rim makes for some sticky hands


Me, Elizabeth, Ali, Melissa, and Tina

IMG_0019 (800x600)

I love being able to hang with my blog-friends at these things!

IMG_0021 (800x600)

Good times :)

Other fun randomness:

Hot rum cider and nachos at Grendel’s Den Friday after work with the bff


Yes those ended up being dinner :)  They were topped with vegetarian chili, fresh salsa, guac, and sour cream!  DELICIOUS!     

Saturday involved a LONG traffic-filled ride up to visit Brian’s family.  See when you’re just going on a normal trip to visit the family, you kind of forget that it’s a long weekend and you’re heading north on 93 up to NH along with TONS of other people…FAIL! 

Outlet shopping helps though.

And so do fun photos of Brom in a kids coin operated ride on the sidewalk….with Big Bird

“really you guys?”

Today, along with the usual Sunday activities (grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning, baking…mmm), we headed into Boston to pick up my race packet for the Tufts 10K  tomorrow!

Last year I trained for this 10k as it was going to be my longest distance to date.  However once you get a half-marathon under your belt, you start to take these shorter races less seriously…BAD idea.  Well for me anyways…I’m kind of nervous, not gonna lie!  But I’m not out to break records so I’m just going to have a fun day :)

While in the city, we once again stopped into Flour for some food.  It’s just really good.

My favorite thing of the day:


Twice baked brioche!  Brioche bread, spread with almond paste and sliced almonds and baked again…wow!  Almonds…mmmm!

My homemade bread just came out of the oven and smells SO good!  It’s also past 10pm…and therefore bedtime!  I am still working tomorrow :(  Just taking a half day before the race…I can walk over to the race from my office :)

I hope the rest of you have Columbus Day off!! 


  1. Cute outfits. Love banana-they have the best clothes!!! The blogger meet up looks fun. That picture of the pup totally cracks me up. Good luck at the 10k

  2. I don't have today off of work but I had a fantastic weekend filled with wine tasting, apple picking, dinners on the patio, hiking and boating!

  3. I wish I had today off. we used to always have it until my company changed that this year. boo. loving your outfit pictures, as usual!

  4. Love that skirt! Luckily, I have today off because I am not feeling well at all. I think the weather change set off my allergies. :( I'm glad to have the day to rest up for the week.

  5. You come up with the cutest pairings, Bridget! I'd love for you to come audit my closet! Your style is so spirited and fun, I love all the color

  6. Love the outfits, especially the sassy pink skirt.

    Hot rum cider sounds delicious!

  7. Loving the photo of Bromley in the kiddie car. adorable

  8. I really enjoy the cin-sugar rimmed pumpkin beers too - but totally feel you on the sticky hands! Great to see you last night!

  9. i love all your outfits!