Sunday, April 24, 2011

Roasted Artichoke Antipasto

Happy Easter!!  It’s been a long day (and weekend)…and I would love to get to bed right now.  I feel like this:

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want to do this

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My Easter consisted of a 10 mile run and then a family party at my mom’s house!  We’ve always had Easter at our family’s house ever since I can remember. 

First the run.  My first double digit run ever!!!  I’m so excited that I did it!  It was definitely hard for me.  It was also pretty warm out today and I have a sweet racer back sunburn.  It’s hot…so is the tan line from my ipod arm band.  At least I had sun block on my face!

I had about 4-5 quick walk breaks throughout the whole thing.  One longer one after mile 5 when I couldn’t figure out which way to go…woops. New route :)  This is also where I enjoyed some Gu Chomps!

LOVE the Strawberry flavor!!  Much more than the orange.


It’s funny, I go up and down on these long runs… I’ll feel good at some points, then feel like I’m struggling…then good again.  It’s goes back and forth throughout…not good at the beginning and struggle at the end. 

Today’s 10 miles took me 1:53:30, averaging 11:21 min/miles.  I think 10 miles is on the schedule for next weekend as well, so it will be interesting to compare. 

I’ve also been kind of slacking on my 3rd “easy run” of the week.  I’m supposed to do a 4 or 5 mile easy run during the week, in addition to my speed runs, but I always seem to cut them short or miss it for some reason or another…  Bad Bridget.  Need to work on that! 

The good news is that I’ve been back at Body Pump!  Yay :)


I never know what to bring to family parties.  First of all there is usually SO much food that half the time I don’t really need to bring anything… everything is usually taken care of and then some by my aunts/uncles/grandparents. 

But I was always taught never to arrive anywhere empty handed :)

Plus I love making things!

The weekend was busy busy, so I wanted something fairly simple that I could prep the night before.  Literally.

I got a manicure at 6pm yesterday, then went to 2 grocery stores and came home and got to business. 

My inspiration came from my new Barefoot Contessa cookbook!


 A recipe for Roasted Artichoke Hearts, and the picture of the antipasto platter hooked me in!

I made the artichokes and purchased everything else for the platter!!  Easy and beautiful.

I more or less doubled the recipe


The pan was too crowded, so my artichokes more steamed than roasted, but in this case it’s fine as your going to marinate them anyways.   Although I’d love to make it again and get them nice and roasted.

The vinaigrette in the recipe is TO DIE FOR!!  I have extra and can not wait to use it on a salad.



Then toss artichokes and dressing with some chopped red onion, roasted red peppers, parsley and capers.


Along with the artichokes I also whipped up a quick batch of the goat cheese + peppadew pepper spread.  So quick and so good!!

This was the spread I tasted at Whole Foods over the holiday season.

Basically it’s just goat cheese mixed together with some chopped peppadew peppers (and a little juice from the peppers).  SUPER easy!

My platter for today (taken with iphone)

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  • Artichokes
  • Peppadew + goat cheese spread
  • salami (Trader Joes)
  • Sopresatta (Trader Joes)
  • Fresh Mozzarella (Whole Foods)
  • Mixed Olives (Whole Foods antipasto bar)

I also got the peppadew peppers from the WF’s antipasto bar.

On the side was sliced baguette (white and whole wheat), and crackers

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Everyone seemed to enjoy all the different items to choose from :)

This is a great item that makes for a beautiful presentation!  If I had more time (or thought of it earlier) I would of gone to an Italian market for some good meats but Trader Joe’s has great options as well!

Can’t wait for leftovers tomorrow!

What’s your go-to quick dish to bring to a party?? 
I need more ideas!


  1. Great job on your run. Love the antipasto platter. Love platters with little tasty treats.

  2. Great job on the run! That is just awesome :) Interesting how you feel differently throughout- I seem to have a tendency to have a really good run and then a really tough run. Mmm what a fun platter! My go to for pot lucks is usually homemade hummus or fruit and fruit dip

  3. I made a fabulous green bean salad this weekend that is going to be my new go-to party dish!

  4. That antipasti plate looks fabulous! I could totally see myself camping out next to it at a gathering ;)

  5. I'm so happy to read this post, as I am busy planning the food for a vegetarian birthday party I've volunteered to cater. Thanks!

  6. That looks like a great spread. I love artichokes and I also love the sound of that spread. I may have to come up with a copycat version.

  7. i LOVE artichokes! That looks delish!

  8. Those artichokes sound amazing... and you know I love that Peppadew dip! That's now my go-to for parties... along with antipasto platters and TexMex dip.

  9. oooh - that looks good! I wish more people brought antipasto to parties -- can't go wrong with marinated veggies and cured meats!

    when I need a quick app, I make tortellini skewers. Cook some tortellini. Then marinate the tortellini in a favorite vinaigrette along with grape tomatoes and bococinni mozzerella....then just thread them onto bamboo skewers.

  10. My boyfriend got me into marinated artichokes a few years ago. That platter looks fantastic!

  11. Yum! I love the new Barefoot Contessa book and those artichokes look AMAZING! Also, your dog is the cutest :)

    Congrats on the double digits run!!


  12. Awesome job on your run!! And thats what running is all about- going up and down but feeling great that you finished : )
    That dish from Ina looks soooo good!