Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekend: Food, Fitness, and Dance!

We got a taste of Spring this weekend!  It was nice out Saturday and Sunday and you can tell it just put people in a better mood.

I had two pretty opposite type of days.  One was filled with delicious food, and lots of it!  The other was full of activity and healthy nourishment to go along. 

The Food Day

Saturday was my grandmother’s birthday party at my aunts house.  It was the first family party of the year (since Christmas I think), and it did not disappoint!

Well, the day did start off on a healthy note!


I made myself a singular Oatmeal Pancake based on Kath’s recipe.  I only had one whole egg though.

Oatmeal Pancake for 1

  • 1/3 cup quick oats
  • 1 egg
  • 2 T skim milk
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla
  • cinnamon to taste
  • pinch of salt

Pre-heat a skillet or small non-stick saut√© pan and spray with canola oil or cooking spray.  Pour batter in, cook one side until edges look like they have begun to cook, flip, and continue on other side.  Only takes 2-3 min per side, if that.


I topped half with some Almond Butter and Peanut Butter.  Sliced pear on the side.

And of course my beloved:


I also made myself an iced latte!


I Love Breakfast.


Then it was party time.  I arrived at my aunts house and of course it smelt delicious.  I smelt baking cheese (which turned out to be homemade mac & cheese).

But the star of lunch was in the fireplace.  Yes, the fireplace.



In the fireplace, in the living room, she had a LARGE cast iron pot hanging over the fire filled with delicious bbq pork.


I mean a LARGE pot!  That Le Creuset down there is the 9 qt I believe, so use that as reference.


Pork. Pulled.



This was the best mac and cheese I’ve had in a long time!  AND she made it with low-carb pasta!  I thought she was joking, I couldn’t tell at all.  Apparently the Dreamfield’s brand is really good.  IMG_8180 My Plate…


  • Pulled pork + BBQ sauce
  • Cole slaw
  • mac & cheese
  • baked beans
  • corn bread
  • slice of fresh bakery bread      

Oh then dessert.  The aunt who hosted was my pastry-chef aunt with the bakery.  You can always count on awesome cakes at my family parties!

White cake.  Filling was a Grand Marnier Cream with fresh berries and Italian buttercream:


Banana’s Foster Cake: White cake, a layer of a roasted banana/rum cream filling, Italian buttercream, all covered in caramel. 


Brian went with banana


O.M.G.  The caramel + cake was to die for. 

I had to go with berries


Amazing. Light and fluffy, yet decadent.  I wish I had some right now!


My plate + cake + snacking/picking at more of the food (esp mac & cheese) = not hungry for the rest of the day pretty much.

I also picked up my maple syrup order.  Yes that’s right.  My uncle was up in VT and they know a place to get a great price on syrup…I put my order in for a gallon…


Yes.  a GALLON!  My family doesn't mess around with syrup.  


$44 for 1 gallon of syrup…not too shabby!  Now what to make…..??

Now that the indulgence is over, lets move on to Sunday!

Fitness Day   

Sunday began with Half-Marathon training, so I will give you my update so far:

Half Marathon Training: Week 1

  • Wednesday -  speed work.  I’m new to speed work so I was intimidated, but ended up LOVING it!  Changing the speeds back and forth really made the time go by and I felt great pushing myself.

    Workout: 1 mile warm-up (5.0-5.3 mph)
    3 x 800m @ 6.8 mph with
    400m rest (I walked the rest)
    1 mile cool down (5.2 – 5.7 mph)
  • Friday – 3 mile easy run.  Apparently I thrive on variety (on the treadmill at least), because I found these 3 miles a lot more challenging mentally for me.  I can’t wait until its warm enough and light enough out after work to do this all outside!  
  • Sunday – long run.  I had 6 miles in my schedule, but since hadn’t had a long run in a LONG time, I decided 5 miles would be a better start
    • Brian signed up too!  So we went on our long run together Sunday morning. It wasn’t easy, but felt great to be outside!
    • First time using my new GARMIN!!!  It was taking forever to load satellites so it didn't kick in until 0.6 miles into the run, but it was awesome to see my pace instantly!

Sunday Continued:

After our 5-miler.  I had just enough time to make a smoothie and grab the dog to head to an outdoor training class at the beach

IMG_8212 IMG_8211

Even though it was almost 60 degree’s “warm” outside at the house, the beach was cooler and SO SO windy!  The class didn’t last too long, but we got a good walk in.

I had the afternoon to myself and went grocery shopping.  Specifically I “wandered” around Whole Foods for a long time, meandering down the aisles and just browsing and shopping by myself.  It was a lovely time :)

Late lunch:


Sushi!  I haven’t had WF’s sushi in forever!! 


Just what I was craving. 

If a run and a walk with the dog wasn't enough, I had to head up to NH for my first rehearsal for my friend’s Dance Company!! 

My friend started a dance company a couple years ago, but I couldn’t do it back in 2009 as I was busy planning the wedding, but now I have time (I think) and she has a new show planned!

I miss dance so much, and I am thrilled to be able to do this!

Rehearsal was…hard.  Really hard.  The piece we worked on last night was fast and jazzy, but also very contemporary which I don’t have as much experience with.  I also need to do some serious stretching…my flexibility isn't where it used to be! 

I love the choreography but I did struggle to pick it up as fast…which is frustrating for me as I’ve always been able to pick up choreography quickly.  But I’m determined to do this and will just have to practice extra hard :)  The show is in August…I can’t wait!!

I look forward to documenting my journey with my half-marathon and now also this dance company!!

Now I’m just tired and sore.  Good Night!


  1. I am DROOLING over those cakes. Where is your aunt's bakery?

  2. The food at the party looks INCREDIBLE! That is so cool that they cooked the pulled pork over the fire- love it! And that mac n cheese! Ah!

    Fabulous workouts- I think its awesome that you signed up for your friend’s Dance Company- I know you're going to love that

  3. food looks so delish!

    9 quart le creuset pot! jealous!

  4. My Aunt's Bakery is in Medfield, MA...about 30 min from Boston. If you ever go, get a scone...SO GOOD!

  5. Awesome week of running!! So happy you felt good. And I love speed and totally have struggled on short runs on the treadmill too! That'd probably why I learned to read trashy magazines while running. Hehe. All that food looks delicious. Drooling over those cakes. I've been using rice pasta a lot and can't tell the difference. Also I made an awesome maple salmon that was soo good!!

  6. so many good things going on here, the food looks to die for (both cakes! pulled pork!), awesome runs, and dancing! i'm sure it'll come back in no time :)

  7. It sounds like you had a pretty fabulous weekend!

  8. I love WF brown rice sushi,it's pretty fantastic. I haven't had it in a long time also.

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  10. I LOVE that your aunt cooks her pulled pork in the fireplace. How cool is that?!? Everything looks fabulous!

    That's so awesome you joined the dance company! I danced for 7 years, but was never any good. I'm always jealous of dancers! Such good exercise and so much fun :)


  11. Ok, way too many delicious things to comment on, but my favorites- the vermont maple syrup and iced latte. Such a great way to start the day.