Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dinner by Mom

Sunday night we meet again.  It was nice relaxing weekend, but I’m still not ready to go back to work tomorrow!  I’m getting that vacation itch, but unfortunately nothing’s on the schedule until June!! 

Like I said, relaxing weekend!  Friday was actually a night out at a charity even with lots of delicious wines and beers to taste.  Of course then all that wine led to a Saturday morning craving!


Bagel sandwiches and iced coffee!


This bad boy is from Bagel World, and is a whole wheat bagel with lite veggie cream cheese, egg, and tomato slices! 


With an iced snicker doodle coffee with milk.

Totally hit the spot!  Bagel World bagels are the best I’ve ever had around here (and by here I mean Massachusetts :).  

We’ll just call the rest of the day as “recovery” ;)  But we did a good amount of cleaning/organizing at the house and the obligatory weekend grocery shop!

Sunday was Long Run Day!  My foot has been feeling better which I am very happy about, but unfortunately these Sunday morning long dog training walks aren’t what my feet need the same day as a long run. 

My foot pain started to come back slightly from doing so much walking, and I was nervous about the run.  However, we set out for 6 miles and luckily it was a good one!

We drove over to the bike path in Lexington as we’re both getting tired of running near our house.  We did it as 3 miles out and 3 miles back with a short stretching break before the last 3.  Took us just under 1:03, which was a good pace for me :) 

The best part of this whole weekend though…??

Coming home from our run to find my mom at our house with a DELICIOUS meal ready to be eaten in no time at all!

She had her sisters over for a dinner party Saturday evening and luckily saved the leftovers for us.  I need to get these recipes and will be sure to share…she found the recipes in old cooking magazines she saved from the early 90’s haha!

Here we have…


Salmon filets, seared in rice paper with a vinaigrette topping which had soy sauce, ginger, pink peppercorns, lemon, orange, grapefruit, cilantro…and I’m sure more but that’s all I can remember. 

All she had to do was cook the salmon and re-heat the sides.



Roasted spring veggies!!  Baby fingerling potatoes, garlic cloves, leeks, onion, fennel, baby zucchinis (!!!), and baby artichokes. 


These veggies were served with a simple sauce consisting of cream and chives. 


SOOOOO Good!  Seems like it would be overwhelming with all the aromatics but roasting really mellowed them and it was delicious.

A rice salad made by one of my aunts.  It had slivered almonds and cranberries.  Again, must get recipe!


I was most MOST excited for dessert.

Snow Pudding.  In a fancy glass ;)


This is one of those “Family Recipes'”, but not really because if you Google it you’ll find it, but I’ve yet to meet anyone outside my family who’s ever had it!

Its best on a hot summer day, as it’s so refreshing, but it was a perfect ending to this meal.


The “pudding” is an egg white, lemony, gelatin mixture that has to set in the fridge.  It reminds me of a cool, lemony meringue! 

As the pudding uses egg whites, the sauce uses the yolks.  This is a simple, light, creamy, slightly sweet custard and is served on top. 


The combination is so light and refreshing…just amazing.  I haven’t had this in AGES!  But I definitely plan to make this myself once the temps start to rise!

Sitting down to this meal shortly after our run was such a treat.

Thanks Mom!!!!

After dinner I made a batch of Ellie’s Cherry Walnut bars to have for the week!  Forgot how much I love those bars!

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend…only 5 more days til the next one ;)


  1. snicker doodle coffee? that sounds just awesome!!! I haven't had iced coffee in ages...mostly because I can't find a place with decaf iced. Glad the run went well. And what a meal to come home to!! Your mama rocks. I totally want to try that dessert

  2. interesting that you have cream cheese and egg/tomato on that bagel! I usually just have one or the other. that meal looks incredible, how nice of your mom to bring you leftovers!

  3. Between bagels & pudding I'm smitten.

  4. Why have I never been to Bagel World?? I must have snickerdoodle coffee ASAP! Your mom's dinner looks just lovely, what a nice surprise!


  5. Amazing run!! Happy for you! I used to go to Bagel World all the time in PEabody when I worked on the North Shore. That salmon looks fab : )