Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Real Simple to the Rescue

Such a blog-slacker lately!?  Sorry! 

Not that he’s to blame, but this guy is taking up a bit of the already-sparse free time around here…


But seriously, who could resist that face?!  Esp after being freshly groomed :) 

Bromley and auntie Jocy


And while I feel like I never have enough time to do all the baking and cooking that I would like, at least there are still some great recipes out there that don’t take much time at all!

I have to thank Tina for this one.  I’ve seen it on her blog many times and have been wanting to make it for ages…FINALLY I did.


Real Simple’s Macaroni and Cheese with Cauliflower

This is delicious.  Not your typical super melty-gooey cheesy pasta dish, but there is some serious flavor going on between the sharp cheddar, sour cream, onion, and Dijon mustard.  They all blend together beautifully and it tastes much more decadent that it really is :)


Brian LOVED this as well…luckily he is a big fan of cauliflower as well.


Make it.

Another dinner that came from my latest Real Simple, was a soup!


Parsnip and Fennel Soup with Dill


I love soup, and am always trying to find new ones to cook aside from the usual chowders or chilies (not that there’s anything wrong with those…CLEARLY)

I’m a big fan of leeks, and potatoes, and dill, and parsnips and fennel and pretty tasty too…so why not!?

Once everything is chopped, this soup comes together pretty quick.


IMG_5840  IMG_5850

I opted to use my stick blender instead of pouring some into a regular blender…the stick blended is so much easier.  I just blend until it’s the desired consistency…thickened up, but still some chunks of veggies inside.

IMG_5852    (please PLEASE ignore the disaster that is my kitchen in this one, I was trying to cook around the aftermath of Brian’s latest beer brewing adventure)


For an accompaniment, the recipe called for sliced baguette with gruyere cheese broiled on top.


Warm Bread + Melted Cheese = ALWAYS A GOOD IDEA!



The soup was good…not amazing, but good.  It definitely had a nice fresh taste from the veggies.  I think it needs a little somethin’ to kick up the flavor, and a bit more salt. 

I added a dollop of sour cream to the leftovers and that was a nice pairing as well.  Maybe some more herbs next time.


Regardless, it made a nice quick warm dinner.

On a cuter note.  I just have to share the cake from my friend’s Baby Shower this past Sunday…


How adorable is that!!!?


Look at the little bunnies!  All made from marzipan!  The cake was made by our other friend’s bakery…The Danish Pastry House.  Hence the marzipan.  The cake is covered in marzipan as opposed to fondant, which I think is just genius :)  I mean I’ll take deliciously almond marzipan over fondant any day!

Mommy-to-be and Me!  Doesn’t she look amazing!


I need some more soups to make…suggestions???


  1. Both recipes look great. I love adding veggies to my Mac N Cheese- makes it lighter on the waistline and more filling all at the same time! And I'm obsessed with parsnips right now. Soup suggestions:

    Creamy chickpea:

    Split Pea:

  2. The cake is totally cute! And the mommy to be is positively glowing. :)

    A few of my favorite soup recipes are:

    Acorn squash & caramelized onion bisque:

    Sweet potato soup:

    and ribollita:

    Love soup!

  3. I think your puppy is the perfect excuse for taking up all of your spare time! How adorable!

  4. Yay for more photos of Bromley & yummy food!

    I also love soup this time of year, and have a long list of recipe to try. Here are a few links of soups I've made and loved: (baked sweet potato soup)
    (jalapeno and corn chowder)
    (beef, potato, and root veggie stew)

    I'm currently working on a pumpkin beer & cheese soup recipe, which will hopefully be up on my blog in the next few weeks :)

  5. What a cute cake!! Marzipan is way better then fondant. It's sooo sweet.

    My favorite soups are vegetable soups with barley and beans, chicken soup with vegetables, turkey chili, or split pea soup. Ellie Krieger has a white turkey chili soup that sounds really good that I'd like to try!

  6. Your cauliflower mac and cheese looks better then any I have seen. Yum!!!

  7. Obviously, I LOVE that Mac & Cheese recipe. So glad you guys like it too!

  8. Bromley is adorable. Though I ADORE my Griffy (he's 1 1/2), I hope to adopt my next puppy... someday. I think Griffy and Bromley would be great friends!

    The latest Real Simple is great... did you see all the variations on stuffing?

    And I need to make that mac & cheese ASAP. Mac and cheese is in my top 5 but I rarely make it because I could eat an entire pan... by myself.

  9. Miss you, dear Bridget! And I love Bromley, haha - so cute :)

    I like all the soup recipes posted above!

  10. been meaning to try that mac n cheese recipe out!! and love your newest addition, too cute :)