Friday, October 15, 2010

Coming Home

Well this isn’t about my actual home, where I live with my husband and pup…this is my 2nd, well no make that 3rd home (of course my 2nd home is where I grew up, previously my #1 home :) 

My 3rd home is UNH!  My alma mater, where I spent 4 AWESOME years of my life!  Seriously, I just love it there, I still miss college so much and it makes me so happy when I get to return.

Luckily that’s what Homecoming is for!

I graduated in 2004 (eww that makes me sound so old now), and since then have attended 3 or 4 homecomings.  Up until last weekend I hadn’t been to homecoming since 2007 and I’ve missed it so.

Usually this involves a hotel room for Friday and Saturday night.  You want to stay over Friday because people line up to get into the tailgating area EARLY!!!  And Saturday because you’re going to want a nap between tailgating and whatever you do Saturday night :)

However, now that we have a new member of the family….

…homecoming was now a day trip.  Totally fine by me as the tailgating portion is the best part anyways…unfortunately this means getting to UNH by 7:30/8AM.

Luckily early weekend mornings deserve delicious bagels…French Toast bagel from Bagel World!  Warm and delicious.  I also had an iced pumpkin spice coffee to get me going.


We arrived around 8AM and the line was RIDICULOUS!!  Luckily we made it in but we were at the end of the people who did. 


Oh college, how I’ve missed you and your ridiculousness!

Another thing I found quite hilarious is how we’ve, um, matured.  Check out the spread..


complete with table cloth!

I decided to use the Almond Cream filled scone mix that was in my King Arthur goodie bag to contribute to the group!


Funny that we all got different mixes from King Arthur that day and I ended up with the Almond item…it was fate I tell you. 


These scones had an almondy filling and even an almond glaze!  They looked and tasted so good!


We may have improved on our food selection over the years but other than that we all just wish we were still in college!


Nothing quite like a mimosa at 9AM

And maybe a jello shot or two… what? When in Rome… IMG_5523

And as fast as the food spread was set up, it was easily shoved to the side so we could play flip cup!




“you’re a tiger…Grrrr baby grrr!”


Joc and I


So SO happy I wore my rain boots, the rain the few days before made for a MUDDY tailgating field.

Brian and I


The crowd (actually I believe this was a picture of ‘the girl with the way too short skirt on’ haha)

IMG_5466IMG_5478     The boysIMG_5441    IMG_5461


Fun FUN day!!  Can’t wait for next year!


  1. Looks like so much fun. Definitely a different spread than junky college food. LOL Scones look delicious.

  2. What a great time. The scones look amazing.

  3. That totally brings back memories for me! I graduated in December of 2004 (we are NOT old ;)). And Penn State tailgating was a fabulous time too. Drinking at 7 am? A regular activity!Glad you had fun. Cute outfit

  4. This looks like such a fun time! I went to UMASS and our homecoming is this weekend...but I'm not going this year. Maybe next year!