Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Vineyard Vacation

So sorry for my absence!!!

On Saturday morning I left for my annual trip to Martha’s Vineyard!  There was no internet at the house, and the weather was PERFECT so we hadn’t had to “fill time” finding places with wi-fi.  I’ve been diligently checking my email and twitter on my phone though.

For 4 or 5 days every year I get “adopted” by my best friend’s family and get to tag along on their trip to the Vineyard.  Pretty sweet deal if you ask me. 

In June, the weather here can be a crap shoot and after a few rainy days you can get BORED fast!  This week, however, has been weather heaven!!  High 70’s – Low 80’s, mostly sunny…just a few clouds, and a nice sea breeze….oh yes.

Over the years my friend, Jocelyn, and I have accumulated a lot of “favorites”…mostly food related.  Restaurants, gelato shops, bakeries, and…wedding stalking.  What?  Like you’ve never noticed a wedding going on and try to get a glimpse of the bride?

With all our favorite meals as “must haves”, we tend to have our days scheduled around what we want to eat that day.  This also requires scheduling in some runs ;)

Now for some highlights…

The Black Dog sail boat IMG_0062

Beautiful Hydrangeas EVERYWHERE on the island


Edgartown Lighthouse


Joc and I


Best Restaurant on the Island. period. IMG_0076

You MUST order the  Feta RouilleIMG_0081

And I’m determined to re-create this recipe at home.  It’s too cruel to be subjected to only having it once a year IMG_0083

We made dinner for her fam on Father’s Day…fresh grilled Halibut. 

And a fresh veggie “scampi” of sorts, with whole grain linguini


Gelato:  Peanut Butter chip + fresh Strawberry


Photos on the docks before dinner… (don’t mind the wind swept hair-do I’m rocking there)

 IMG_0118 IMG_0119

hello lovelies :)


Final meal On-Island… crazy good sandwiches from Humphreys!

We split the Tree Hugger (basically veggies, honey mustard, provolone)


And the biggest most incredible chicken salad monster ever!


See you next June MV!!

I’m now back at home and off to work tomorrow :(  Sadness.  At least it’s just a two day week for me!


  1. Those pictures look gorgeous. I am a total wedding stalker and my husband gets in on the action with me too. It's fun!

    I love all the food shots- that veggie sandwich looks fabulous.

  2. How fun, looks like it was beautiful their. Aren't vacations all about good food. Glad you had a good time.

  3. Oh my gosh- love love the Vineyard. I think every vacation should revolve around food ;) The Feta Rouille looks AMAZING. glad you had fun! Can't wait to meet you this weekend!! Sent you an email. I will send you another with my cell so we can get in touch.

  4. that is the largest sandwich i've ever seen and it looks incredible! beautiful pictures!

  5. Bridget!!! How are you my dear, I've missed you!!? Glad to hear your summer is going so well, um how beautiful is it right now, i love it!! My first summer in Boston= success so far :D My parents are coming out in July (try-outs lol), and I was meaning to email you about taking a little weekend getaway since i know you know all the New England spots! Do u think we could do the Vineyard for a day, or would it be better to just go to Gloucester and hit the beach and stuff? Let me know if you have any advice or tips! XO love ya girlie!

  6. i love the vinyard!!!! see you tonight at vlora :)