Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Showers of Fun

This was a shower-full weekend! Brides and babies galore! Well OK, only 1 friend is preggers but 1 is definitely enough right now haha.

Ok we'll start with Saturday...The Baby Shower!
How cute is that cake!? She's having a girl...Riley Paige.

The favors were custom chocolate bars!They match the invitations.

Her mom also sealed up the left over candy from her wedding...Baby presents are the best!!
The GINORMOUS pile of clothes on her lap are JUST from her mom haha...she started buying clothes from the moment she found out Jen was pregnant.

Cute diaper tower:More food!
I ended up having a nice sampling of fruits, veggies, shrimp cocktail, and a piece of a wrap. Obviously had some cake later too :) Mmmm cake.

One shower down for the to go.

Sunday was my friend Erin's bridal shower!

If you remember from my last post I was a busy baker making sugar cookies for the shower favor.

Friday night was decoratingThis was my first go at Royal Icing using meringue powder. Man that stuff dries fast!! Unfortunately the food coloring I bought was for candy...not icing. This meant it was oil based, but I figure since buttercream has fat in it, the smidgen of oil wouldn't ruin the icing. I was right!

I started off with the hearts on top and the outlines in the darker purple, then went back to "flood" the middle with lighter purple.It was getting late and this was taking a that meant:

Half would get polka dots!!
The next night these bad boys were bagged and tied together with their corresponding cookie cutter.
Perfect little homemade favor. I was really happy with how they came out!
They looked awesome with the purple centerpiecesWe also ordered this fun platter for all the guests to sign! You sign it, then I took it home where I will bake it for the newlyweds so they can then use it!

Of course another delicious cake!!!I just can't say no to cake!!!!
The Bride and bridesmaids (the bride is the second from the left). I am SO not used to pictures of me in glasses!!!!

Which brings me to a side note: Thursday night I got a little scratch on my cornea :( So annoying. So I am all glasses this week, no contacts for a little while.

Busy but fun weekend. Thank GOODNESS for the holiday yesterday!!! That extra day was MUCH needed.

I have ANOTHER bridal shower this coming Sunday, but I am just a guest this time...phew! Its much less stressful to just show up :)


  1. Wow, Bridget, those cookies look professional!!! You are a baking genius :)
    And yes, that cake is adorable. My SIL just had a baby and I'm obsessed with buying baby clothes already. They're just so cute! I'm buying him all these organic things - I'm becoming a hippy auntie ;)
    Beautiful shower!!

  2. oh mg i am dying at all the pink and purple and baked and baby cuteness!! You did awesome on those cookies, you are such a thoughtful party goer, i hope your friends throw u a great one!!!

  3. all the decor and cakes are so cute! i love it!! my cousin recently just had a little girl and named her Riley.. i love that name :) glad you had such a great time at the party!

  4. Those cookies are way too cute! :)

  5. I love the baby cake - and because the head is a circle, it's probably not too too hard!

    You did a great job with the cookies!

  6. So fun! Love the baby cake. You did an AMAZING job on the favors- they look so professional!! Nice work chicky

  7. Fun weekend!
    That cake looks fabulous.

    And I love the cookies. They look like they came from a bakery.

  8. great job with those cookies, they look absolutely phenomenal!! fun times :)

  9. That baby cake is tooo cute! And I love the bridal shower favors - you make it look so easy :D

  10. obviously need to know where you buy a pretty tray like that!

    great job on the cookies!

  11. You NEED to make this your job - you're so talented at decorating/cooking/baking! Everything looks amazing!