Thursday, May 14, 2009

If it's not one thing...'s another.

My "fun" news items of the week are as such:

1. My hairdresser calls me Monday to tell me she messed up her schedule and actually will not be in town the day of my wedding!!!!!!!!!! I know this isn't like life or death here but I think wedding day hair deserves some urgency, no? So I know I can find another salon do to my hair (plus most of my bridesmaids) but it was one of the things I didn't have to worry about. Urg.

2. Found out this week that the mortgage loan we were pre-approved for is going to require us to pay down Brian's student loan by $6000 before could of used that cash for other things, you know furniture! No but really most first time home buyers are swimming in cash and the house does need a couple things done so it was just frustrating but not much that can be done about it, any other type of loan will end up costing us much more in the long run.

3. Ooo almost forgot, Brian is leaving for Vegas tonight with a group of 20 guys for his friends Bachelor party!!! At least he's as stressed about the money thing as I am, but obviously it's not going to be a cheap weekend. I'm not gonna lie, I'm slightly nervous...and it's got nothing to do with the girls there haha, I'm more worried about the money and possible injuries...his buddy broke his foot last year in Vegas (shimmying down a drain pipe to get where you need to be at 4am when hammered apparently sounded like a great idea to him haha).

At least I can usually count on my food to brighten my week!

This week was all about the Caprese salads! I bought some beautiful little red ripe tomatoes, they were actually called "Tasty Toms", and fresh basil. After the gym on Monday I knew I had to buy some fresh mozzarella to really make a delicious meal.
I cut up 3 tomatoes, 3 balls-o-mozzarella, and a few basil leaves. This was topped on a bed of green leaf lettuce and drizzled with my special Olive Oil, salt and pepper.
My special olive oil is just this bottle I splurged on one day at a specialty shop...I think it was like $30 but it's really good and I only use it in instances like this where you want to taste the olive oil.
I had this for dinner Monday AND Tuesday...Monday's with corn on the cob and Tuesdays with a sweet potato!
A little POM spritzer on the side (POM, seltzer, lime).
Last night was a "scrounge" dinner at Brian's (the boy who never has food). Luckily I brought some Kale with me I wanted to use up as well as 2 summer squashes.

He had 2 ears of corn and an old box of Annie's (no milk though haha). We made the Annie's with just a splash of pasta water and it was fine. This went great with Kale chips, and steamed corn and squash.

The highlight of the evening, however, was dessert. We picked these up at Whole Foods. I almost didn't believe my cream stuffed rice crispie treats?!?!
Oh yes.
That's exactly what it was. GENIUS idea! There was more crispie treat than ice cream but that was fine by me, I LOVE rice crispie treats!!!! Each square is 180 calories which is about the same as a small serving of ice cream, so not too shabby for something that's not deliberately low-fat!
Tonight I get to go see my wedding dress!!!! I haven't seen it since August when we ordered it and it came in last month! I'm just going with mom to check it out and try it on, no fittings yet.

Then it's off to look at invitations...will we EVER decide on one!?


  1. ice cream stuffed rice krispie treats?! i had to read that twice! wow! crazy. i would love to try those.

    and i hope nothing crazy happens in vegas.. although that is what that city is all about, that is a crazy story about the drain pipe though, made me laugh!

    yum to the caprese.

    try not to stress out too bad, everything will work out!

  2. First, where in the world did you find those rice krispie ice cream balls! Those look beyond amazing!

    Second, that salad looks deeelish

    I just came across your blog from Food,Shoes,Booze---looking forward to visiting more!

  3. Ow sweetie! We used Delaria salon in Andover for my sisters wedding and they were awesome. Dawn ROCKS at updos.

    LOVE caprese salad and yours looks awesome! Makes me want to run out and get some fresh moz

  4. I would have freaked about number one and I'm not even getting married! Good luck with finding a new salon!!

    I love caprese salads!! Those ingredients are good pressed in a sandwich too :)

    That ice cream sounds like a fun new find!

  5. You completely have the right to freak slightly about having to find a new hairdresser. I was the type of bride that did freak (just a little). Enjoy this wedding planning process, it goes by so quickly. We will be celebrating our 2nd anniversary in July.

  6. that salad looks amaaaaaazing girl! and i've seen those rice krispie treats in stores and wasn't sure if i should buy them or not - I think you officially convinced me :)

    hang in there with all the setbacks babe, everything will work itself out!

  7. I love caprese salad. Sometimes the simple things are the best.
    I've never thought about rice krispy ice cream treats. What a great idea.

    hope your next few days go well and your wedding dress is perfect!

  8. you do have the right to freak, but no worries you will find someone great!! I hope Brian keeps it tame this weekend! :D

  9. oh no, sorry to hear about the $$ woes, it's tough when things like that get sprung out of the blue :/ and shouldn't your hair dresser tried to find someone who'd be willing since it was HER mistake?? granted you'd want to approve, but jeepers!

    delicious caprese salad :)

  10. Wedding hair is very important! I hope you find someone even better.

    So sorry about the cash things. Boo money and loans and mortgages.

    I saw those rice kripsy things at Stop & Shop today! I didn't pay attention though. I am kicking myself in the butt for sure!

  11. Uggg, sorry about the stressful things going on right now. I'm sure everything will work out!!

    I've NEVER seen a rice krispie treat like that!! Yum!!

    I'm sure your so excited to get to see your wedding dress(I would be!!). :-)

  12. wedding dress!!!!! yippeeeeee!

    i don't know what kind of furniture you need but HONESTLY ikea has some great inexpensive pieces. i bought an amazing table there that seats 6 when closed and 8 with the leaf and it was only $300. looks EXACTLY like the $2,000 from crate and barrel.

    and for couches bob's discount actually has some cool microsuede ones (at least a few weeks ago). i have really expensive taste and i liked a few of them!

    and... that treat looks A M A Z I N G!

  13. Rice crispy treats with ice cream? That is the best invention! I am going to have to look for them in our grocery store!

  14. Those rice krispie/ice cream treats sound like an excellent idea! Yum!