Monday, June 25, 2012

Warrior Dash

I feel like I have SO much to catch up on… from finishing up my thoughts on Reach the Beach, the delicious food I ate on Martha’s Vineyard…even so far back as the rest of my trip to Wine Country back in the fall (yeah I just recently realized I never got around to that either…sorry).

So lets begin and maybe I can get a few posts up this week! 

A few weeks ago I participated in my very first obstacle race: Warrior Dash!


It was totally last minute, I really didn’t prepare much (aside from regular Crossfitting…which was actually fantastic training!), and I was REALLY nervous once we got there.

Luckily I had a partner in crime who was also talked into signing up.


There we are nice and clean before it began.  I wore old crappy clothes that I didn’t care if I had to toss out…which I did.  Those are thin cotton leggings from either Target or Old Navy, and it pays to keep old running sneakers!

I’m also really glad I wore the tall socks.  It was hot at first, but I didn’t have any scrapes or marks on my legs afterwards.

We were supposed to start in the 1:30pm heat but we managed to get in with the 1pm group with my cousin and his friend!  I was seriously NERVOUS! 

It was a 5k with 12 (?) obstacles.  I decided just to stick with my friend instead of go for any sort of time, so we did a lot of walking, and it was actually not nearly as bad as I had thought.  I kind of want to try it again and actually run the whole thing and see what I can get for a time!  I felt great the whole time.

Some photo’s from the race…






After you finish you can get hosed down with fire hoses and we were so ready for that we forgot to take a muddy picture afterwards!!  Damn!  Thankfully the race camera’s caught them!

I was nervous about the walls where I’d have to hoist myself up with a rope but turns out that wasn’t a problem (yay Crossfit!).  The scariest obstacle was the last wall which was completely vertical (the others before that had slight inclines), and it was also the tallest.

It’s actually the wall behind the fire here…


I went over the top of that one nice and slow, and then it was fine.  I’m actually surprised more people don’t get injured at these things…especially if you were trying to go fast…that was a tall wall and narrow…not much room for footing!  

Post hose down with my cousin Pat:



Shoes go here:


My only gripe with this race is that for the roughly $80 registration the least they could do is give you some food tickets…even a water ticket!  See you get 1 free beer…but only the Miller Lite, not the other better beers they had, then you can purchase tickets ($1 = 1 ticket) for food afterwards.

Honestly they can keep the t-shirt and novelty Viking hat…can I please have some water. 


Aside from the fun picture above, I’m sure the hat will end up in the trash.  It was hot, I was starving, and when you’re wet/dirty/hot its kind of annoying to have to deal with getting tickets in an area NOT near the food, come back, get food…etc.  It just would of been nice to get a water bottle and a snack.  So we left shortly after.    

Ok complaints aside, I still had a BLAST and want to do another one of these obstacle races!!

Have you ever done one of these??  This KIND of makes me want to do Tough Mudder…kind of.  I know it’s like 10x harder than this but this gave me the boost in confidence to know I could at least try it!  Ever get down and dirty crawling through mud??


  1. SO fun! You are looking FABULOUS! I want to try one of these

  2. FunandFearlessinBeantownJune 26, 2012 at 8:58 AM

    This looks like so much fun!

  3. what a blast!! love the mud shot.