Sunday, June 17, 2012

Martha’s Vineyard 2012: Lilly & Lobster

Greetings from Martha’s Vineyard!

I’m on my yearly trip over to the island with my best friend and her parents.  I’m a lucky girl, they keep adopting me year after year for this trip ;)

Our trip started off as usual with a drive down to Woods Hole to hop on the Steamship over to Vineyard Haven.


Think we packed enough??  This was my stuff and Jocy’s stuff…me for 4 days, her for a week.


We thought the pile was pretty entertaining. 

Yesterday morning I decided to hit up the local Crossfit Box here on island…


I’m glad I went!  It was a pretty small gym, but everyone was really nice and I had a great workout to kick off my little vacation.

After a good warm-up consisting of sit-ups, over-head squats with PVC pipes, push-ups, and burpees we did this WOD:

    • 800M run
    • 30 ground-to-overhead (I did clean and jerks with 65lb)
    • 30 burpees

It was a nice sweaty workout and I was back to the house less than 1 hour later!

Then after getting ready we decided it was lunch time.  We hit up one of our FAVORITE spots in Edgartown: The Atlantic.

I know I’ve said this before, but Jocy has got to be my favorite eating buddy because 99% of the time we love the same things and we both love sharing!

We split the tomato bisque

(they even pre-portioned it out into individual bowls for us)

and it comes with a mini grilled cheese with multiple types of cheese in there…including goat.

It’s just heaven


Somehow this grilled cheese and tomato soup has become probably become one of our Top 3 favorite meals on the island!


Then this happened….


I texted that picture to Brian…he said I wasn’t allowed in that store.

But he didn’t say anything about this store…


I only have 1 Lilly dress, from many years ago, and I wasn’t planning on it, but we decided to try stuff on :)     06-17-12

And I did buy one….any guesses???


If I could have purchased them all I would have…


Ok I’ll tell you…the Navy one in the middle!  I was deciding between the Navy one and the one with the Yellow top.  The yellow was more comfortable, but the Navy fit like a glove and I could probably get more use out of it!  I was worried about the low back (see bottom right corner) but the dress is actually tight enough that I could go sans bra!  Woo hoo!  The dress is actually an Emma Graham dress, I got it at In the Pink which usually sells all Lilly Pulitzer stuff but they had a few of these too…the pink one I tried on (also LOVED that one) was also Emma Graham!

The day concluded with purchasing some delightful cheese, olives, and salami from here:



And finally this beast for dinner…


Jumbo lobsters were on sale at the Edgartown Seafood Market.  Joc and I treated her parents (and us) to a nice 5 pounder!!  We had it cooked and then her and I took all the meat out.  We were going to have hot lobster rolls.


That would be the lobster next to a standard point and shoot. 


Mmmm Mr. Lobster you were delicious.  I was a little worried because I have heard larger lobsters can have tougher meat, but not this one!  Tender and flavorful!  We had a nice big salad and I had a pile of lobster meat.  We feasted :)


Time to head to the beach!  Have a lovely day!!


  1. FunandfearlessinbeantownJune 18, 2012 at 4:59 AM

    It sounds like you are having a wonderful weekend in MV!  I love Lilly and find a lot of great deals on Rue La La.

  2. That tomato soup looks heavenly! One of my favorite dishes! And the dress you purchased is my absolute favorite of the bunch! SO cute! Enjoy

  3. So jealous! I love MV.  The dress looks amazing on you.  Enjoy the rest of your trip. 

  4. I would have picked the middle dress too... looks great on you! One of my good friends is on MV right now. Maybe you'll run into each other. :)

  5. Emily @ A Cambridge StoryJune 18, 2012 at 5:03 AM

    That navy dress is adorable... I also like the white and blue striped one. Basically, stripes are totally doing it for me these days. MV sounds like a blast!

  6. LOVE that dress and these fun adventures on the vineyard. 

  7. Looks like a great getaway!  All of those dresses look fantastic on you-- I've got my eye on the pink ruffled number ;-)  Enjoy the rest of your time on the island! xo

  8. Looks like SUCH an awesome trip. I still haven't been to the Vineyard and really need to change that. I absolutely love all those dresses!

  9. I <3 Lilly. And that dress. Even though I realize it's not Lilly :)

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  11. Hi Bridget,

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    I was looking for blogs about Vineyard Haven to share on our site and I came across your post...If you're open to it, shoot me an email at jane(at)dwellable(dot)com.

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  12. Awesome pictures, looks like a great time. Just another example of all the fun you can have even on the little adventures. Me and my wife just like the time we get with Marthas Vineyard rentals each summer

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