Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekend Waffle Remix

Let me tell you, it was SO nice to just RELAX this weekend!  After the past few weeks I really needed a weekend like this.

Saturday morning started off with: Waffles!

I’m not usually a “mix” person, but I had bought this to take to the Outerbanks back in August and never used it.  Finally remembered to dig it out of the pantry:


It’s a multi-purpose mix, and so I thought it was a great opportunity to break out the waffle iron collecting dust in the cabinet.



Those little craters are perfect vessels for chocolate chips and real maple syrup!


I even gave the syrup its own little pitcher


Ok, so it’s technically a creamer, but it made breakfast feel fancy :)

I was all out of coffee filters for the regular pot, and all out of espresso beans…which leaves this guy!


Thank god for options!  I need my coffee!

Mid morning snack:


The rest of Saturday consisted of an intense house cleaning session, lunch, shopping, and an impromptu dinner out!   Super Saturday.

Moving on…

Whenever I make a batch of pancakes or waffles I love cooking up a full batch (even for 2 people) and freezing the extra!  It’s like having gourmet Eggo’s in your freezer!

Sunday Morning:  Waffle Remix!


  • 1/2 waffle toaster
  • 1/4 topped with almond butter
  • 1/2 topped with choc. chips
  • Side bowl of 0% plain Greek yogurt
  • Sliced strawberries
  • top everything with maple syrup

IMG_7651 IMG_7647

Oh and we replenished the espresso supply on Saturday.  Oh foamy cappuccino how I’ve missed you! IMG_7649

Festive mug + saucer


After digesting I finally got in a great workout!!

20-25 min on the treadmill and it felt great to run!

Then Body Pump!  Man I was feeling the past 3 weeks!  I was wearing my HRM and noticed, during the squat track, that my heart rate was up where it was when I was running!  Damn! 

I love how weekend workouts are so much more relaxed.  It’s not after work where all I really want is to get home, or I’m rushing from work to make it to a class on time…plus its nice and sunny :)

Thankfully I had that great workout because Super Bowl Sunday = FOOD!  I had an awesome time at my friend’s apt in Brighton where 2 of my friends battled it out in the Buffalo Chicken Dip competition…I gladly participated in the judging ;) 

There were also these:


But they need their own post. 

Lastly, randomly, there’s dinner tonight.  I made Turkey Meatloaf!

I used this recipe as my base, but with no mushrooms (I just increased my carrots, lentils, and added celery).


I haven’t had meatloaf in ages and this was the bomb.  Especially with a fresh baked potato…hey if you’re baking the meatloaf for an hour, might as well throw a couple spuds in the oven with it.    IMG_7701

Can’t wait for leftovers!


  1. you gotta love baked potatoes!! it just takes way toooo long!

    mmmm im feeling for some cupcakes now!

  2. I totally agree that weekend workouts are so much more relaxed. There are less people at the gym and I'm less anxious to get home and cook dinner!

  3. You had be at waffles but then the remix with that foamy cap looked ever better. All around sounds like a fantastic weekend for you :)

  4. Your strawberries are so red!!

  5. Yum, everything looks so good! I got a waffle maker for my wedding but it was cracked so I returned it and never got a new one. I wish I did! totally jealous! Great job on your workouts : )

  6. i do need to get back to meatloaf, i didn't like it as a kid, but i think i'd love it now! glad you got back to body pump, i haven't been in awhile either so i feel your pain ;)

  7. SO glad you had a great weekend. Much deserved after all your craziness at work. The waffles look perfect. I totally want that TJs mix! And a Buffalo Chicken Dip competition sounds like fun! I am finally going back to pump tomorrow and hopefully back to teaching it on Monday. I can't wait. I've missed it so much. I will be a lightened up/pregnancy version instructor....hopefully I'll still be able to motivate the masses!