Monday, November 29, 2010

Egg + Nog

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving holiday with friends, family, and fun :)

Ours involved a lot of driving to make sure we covered all families.  This was also a great time to introduce Bromley to the rest of the family!

He was pooped out!!  Spend most car rides like this:photo3
He likes Brian’s lap, even when he’s driving haha.

After Sunday’s pre-Thanksgiving, and two family gatherings on Thursday, when we finally got home on Thanksgiving night all I wanted was this:


The anti-turkey dinner: Pita, hummus, and spinach salad with olives and feta!


as much as I love stuffing, I am always ready for Thanksgiving dinner to be OVER.

Not only did I spend time with family this weekend, I got to meet some 20 new family members!
My cousin actually got chickens!!  20 Chickens!! 

Now I grew up in the ‘burbs, the burbs right outside the city, in fact my hometown is so big it probably should be a city.  So having your own chickens is not something I saw too often. 

Which is why I find it sort of awesome and hilarious at the same time!  He just lets them out of the coop and they roam around…and get chased by Daisy, the boxer :)  This picture is awesome!


Don’t worry, Daisy just likes to play, there were no chickens harmed :)

Well the best part is this:


A dozen FRESH FRESH eggs!!  I mean straight out of the chicken fresh, there was one that was just laid and still warm!! 

Our first egg meal was, of course, egg sandwiches!



I egg + cheese on toast, with another half slice of toast with PB + J.  I am a big fan of salty and sweet in the same meal.


IMG_6545Finally, some iced coffee with milk and a splash of Egg Nog.  I also jumped on the stainless steel straw bandwagon after I saw them at West Elm!!  So far I like it!


Eggs, Egg Nog…eggy French Toast with  Egg Nog??  YES!

I love having a carton of Egg Nog in the fridge this time of year.  It’s delicious, creamy, and Christmassy.  However, it’s VERY filling…I compare it to melted ice cream (in taste and nutritional info).  So a little here and there is all I need.

It’s especially amazing splashed into French Toast batter


and added to your milk before foaming…


subtle, sweet, and delicious.


Try it in your coffee!! 

Any other fun uses for Egg Nog??           


  1. WOW! That is so cool that you get TRULY farm fresh eggs! mmm- I bet those sandwiches are good. I haven't gotten my hands on any eggnog yet, but I can't wait. Have a great week :)

  2. I've actually never tried egg nog before. You do make it look yummy though! That is awesome about the fresh eggs. No doubts about where your breakfast is coming from!

  3. I have been hearing a lot about using a little egg nog when baking breakfast stuff, sounds yummy.

  4. Aw, your pup is adorable! My dog was so overstimulated at my in-laws that she practically slept for 2 days when we got home. I've been spiking egg nog with bourbon and some butterscotch schnapps. It's great to drink while trimming the tree!

  5. I like my eggnog spiked :-) It sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  6. I bet the farm fresh eggs were incredible! I also like eggnog, and am in the process of writing a recipe for eggnog brown rice pudding (will post in a couple of weeks or so). I need to try it in coffee & french toast!

  7. egg nog is pretty good spiked with rum! I must try it in my coffee.

    Those chickens are a riot. the eggs they produce even better. I'm also a fan of sweet and savory on one plate!!