Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Birthday Benedict

My Birthday was on a Sunday this year, and that made me immediately think of one thing…Sunday Brunch.

For some crazy unknown reason I haven't been out for delicious brunch food in far too long! The horror! So that is what I decided I wanted to do.

I’ve read great things about Eastern Standard’s Brunch, especially their eggs Benedict! Done.

I was also very much looking forward to trying my first bloody mary! Yes that’s right…my first one. I just never thought I’d like them…spicy, vodka, tomato juice!?? As a drink!? I love tomatoes but just couldn’t wrap my head around this drink.

That is until I tasted a sip of one this summer. Aside from leaving my lips burning for an hour after said sip, I LOVED IT! It’s like drinking delicious gazpacho! Plus you can barely taste the alcohol (I’m not a fan of strong drinks).

I was a tad worried this would be too spicy for me, but it was juuuuust right.


This one tasted like cocktail sauce, but in a good way. Still seems weird to drink cocktail sauce, but it works….and the olives and celery just made it that much more fun. Now I just need to try more…who has the best in the city??

I also had a cappuccino (good, but honestly I make better foam)


and a sip of my friend’s mimosa


You already know what I ordered, so let’s check out some of my friend’s selections first…

Quiche with leeks and truffles…SO GOOD!! Luckily my friends and I are good sharers ;)


Smoked Brisket Hash with Roasted Red Peppers and Poached Egg…I didn’t try this one but it looks delicious right?


THREE of my friends ordered the French Toast, that’s gotta say something right there…esp when two are pregnant! (check out the cute pregger bellies!!)


Brioche French Toast with Autumn Apples Bacon and Maple Syrup

AMAZING. Of Course I had a bite.

Somehow I missed a picture of Brian’s meal, but he had the House Smoked Salmon with a Toasted Bagel, Cream Cheese, Red Onion, and Capers! A classic, and always a great choice…he could of used more capers though. We looooove capers!

Finally, the piece de resistance!


Eggs Benedict: Biscuit, Hollandaise, Ham, Spinach. Although I do have a confession, I have not worked up to runny yolks yet. I’m just not a fan…they look delicious, and I don’t mind them and I WANT to like them! I think I need to try some other peoples first :) Anyways so I got them with scrambled egg whites. Still fluffy and eggy, but no runny yolk.


To die for… seriously, this is THE BEST eggs Benedict I’ve ever had! Even edges out my favorite from growing up, a small cafe near my hometown that uses sweet Portuguese muffins.

The biscuit really made it…tender and flavorful and the hollandaise tasted divine; just the right amount of lemon. IMG_6115

So happy my friends could come enjoy a delicious brunch with me…but really who can resist a brunch invite ;)
Eastern Standard on Urbanspoon


And what would be a birthday without cake…

Thanks Mom! I received an offer for a cake of my choice, and my choice was a classic homemade chocolate cake with my very favorite vanilla butter cream


This is a very simply classic butter cream: butter, confectioners sugar, vanilla, and milk…perfect every time, and I’d take it any day over a fancy Italian, Swiss, or any other butter cream!


And yes I added a few candles so I could blow them out…what?


Mmmmm cake! I had to take some to work so I didn’t have 3/4 of a 9”x13” cake sitting on my counter, but don’t worry I saved some.

Thanks for the Birthday wishes, you guys are awesome!


  1. Few things are better than a homemade bday cake :) Happy birthday!

  2. The bloody mary from Eastern Standard is one of my very favorites!! I also love their eggs benedict, though I do love runny yolks and usually order it with bacon :)

    Looks like you had a wonderful birthday :)


  3. What a great Bday meal. You know brunch is my absolute favorite too. Fun that most everyone got something different so you could sample! And a great classic cake.

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  5. Mmmm brunch. One thing I miss about living in Kenmore is how close we were to Eastern Standard! Great choice for a birthday celebration:).

  6. I've never been to Eastern Standard's brunch but it looks GREAT. I wonder if they have a suitable breakfast dish to go with their fabulous mint juleps :) Happy Birthday!

  7. That was totally my first reaction to bloody marys as well, but now I'm totally addicted, as long as it's made right! :)

  8. LOVE the Bloody Mary at Eastern Standard...and Turner Fisheries has a great one too!

  9. Looked like a great meal - happy belated birthday!!!

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  11. Happy Belated Birthday! I haven't been to brunch at Eastern Standard yet (actually I still haven't been there at all), but it's much higher on the list now after your rave review of the eggs Benedict -- one of my favorite breakfasts!